Scantilly Surrender Basque and Peep Hole Briefs

This post features my review of the Scantilly Surrender Basque. But first of all, it’s time for a catch-up.

It has been quite some time since I last put fingers to keyboard to put together a proper review blog post. There are many reasons for this: lack of time, work pressures, long-standing health issues, and happenings in my personal life. But there was also another reason. I had fallen out of love with blogging. I find it really hard to type those words but it’s true; blogging had lost its appeal to me. I am still not entirely certain why, but it is likely to again be a number of reasons.

Nowadays I can mostly be found on social media, with my favourite being Instagram. I have found it easier to pop a photo and a quick review post on there (and share it on my other social media channels (linked at the end of this post)) than to take the time and trouble to write a full-blown blog post. It seems like fewer people read blogs these days, and even fewer bother to comment on blog posts – me included – so the motivation to publish posts on here has been reducing all the time.

Long-term readers of my blog will know that I put huge effort into my blog posts, taking countless photos and going into great detail about the items I review. This was exhausting, especially with a very busy ‘real’ life. I felt I would be shortchanging my loyal readers by not continuing with this, but at the same time I knew that something had to give. I wondered if there was a middle ground, where I could post fewer photos but still keep the level of detail in my reviews, but I wasn’t sure how that would be received, and so I continued not to blog.

But I have recently been wanting to return to blogging, to share with you details of items I have tried. And I was particularly keen to write about my latest love for a relatively new lingerie brand: Scantilly by Curvy Kate.


Image courtesy of Scantilly

Scantilly is Curvy Kate’s naughty sister; and described in their own words the collection indulges, sanctifies, and worships. It is lingerie that needs no apology. It’s not a want…but a need. It is lingerie that champions every body, celebrating the beautiful diversity of us all. The sizing ranges from 30-38 DD-HH in bras and basques, and S-XL in briefs and other garments.

Now, I know some of my plus-sized pals – and smaller backed friends – will grumble that the brand does not cater for them so how can it ‘celebrate the beautiful diversity of us all’…but Scantilly is a new brand and I know that plans are afoot to extend the size range. It might seem an easy thing for a brand to offer more sizes, but it’s not as simple as that. It takes time, and Curvy Kate had to first of all see if the current sizes would sell. I think they have well and truly proved that, as many of the items have sold out incredibly quickly, so now they are looking into extending the size range. Hurrah!

When Scantilly first came out, I lustily gazed at the collection, wishing it was available in my size. I yearn for gorgeous, sexy lingerie that is a bit different, that stands out from the rest. But alas, I did not try any of the pieces as I was certain the HH cups would be defeated by my 32M boobs.

But some months ago, I tried on one of my friend’s Scantilly bras in 38HH (sister sized to my band size would be a 32K) and was astonished to find that although it clearly didn’t fit (band too big, cups too small), it wasn’t a complete failure and the fit would be acceptable enough to wear the bra as a ‘bedroom piece’. And so my obsession with owning as much Scantilly lingerie as possible began.

Since then, I have been building up a collection of pieces, each as wonderfully naughty as the last, and some even naughtier! I have posted pictures of many of them on social media, but I was driven to wax more lyrically about my latest item as it’s the most different piece I have tried so far: the Scantilly Surrender Basque.

Scantilly Surrender Basque and Peep Hole Briefs

Image courtesy of Scantilly

As I have got on my soapbox about before, sometimes it can feel like bras are ten-a-penny, but cup-sized basques – in LARGE cup sizes – are as rare as hens’ teeth, and so this little beauty simply HAD to be mine. The wonderful folk at Brastop were kind enough to gift me the Scantilly Surrender Basque in 36HH and the Peep Hole Briefs in XL.

Scantilly Surrender Basque and Peep Hole Briefs

(As mentioned at the start of this blog post, I will be taking fewer photos for my blog posts in the hope that this will make blogging more doable for me. I hope you understand and will stick with me, but please let me know if there are any poses that are missing which you have previously found useful for fit reference.)

For information, I am wearing the Scantilly Surrender Basque and Peep Hole Briefs with Essex’ee Legs stockings and heels from Primark.

Scantilly Surrender Basque and Peep Hole Briefs

To clarify again, I am fully aware that the Scantilly Surrender Basque is too small in the cups and too big in the back for me, so there is no need to comment about that below 😉 Feel free to comment about anything else, though!

The Scantilly Surrender Basque is made from soft sheer black fabric (which is double-layered over the tummy – a nice touch for anyone who feels less confident about this area of the body – and on the back) and embellished with beautiful lace edging and rose gold stitching. There is a chiffon black bow on the central gore, which is paired with the Scantilly ‘S’ logo imprinted on a rose gold metal disk.

Scantilly Surrender Basque and Peep Hole Briefs

That might be where many lingerie brands would stop with the detailling…but Scantilly takes it to the next level. Harness straps run over the top of the breasts, from the central gore to the top of the bra cups. They attach to the straps via a rose gold ring, which is also where the cups are joined to the straps with small piece of thin black ribbon.

The Scantilly Surrender Basque’s straps are fully adjustable and are embellished with stitching to stop the rose gold adjuster moving out of place. They join the basque’s back band with another rose gold ring. This attention to detail and continuation of the theme is what makes this basque feel opulent and indulgent.

Scantilly Surrender Basque and Peep Hole Briefs

The Scantilly Surrender Basque fastens with three rows of 13 (in 36HH) hooks and eyes. You might be wondering how on earth to fasten such a garment on one’s own, and there are a number of ways it can be done. As this basque is big on me in the body I found it pretty easy to move, and so I put it on back to front, fastened the top three hooks, and then swivelled it round so that the cups were at the front. I then put my boobs into the cups, put on the straps, and reached round to my back to fasten the remaining 10 hooks, working my way from the top down to the bottom. I wouldn’t recommend swivelling the basque like this on a regular basis as it can damage the garment, but as I will be wearing this as an occasional bedroom piece it isn’t a concern for me. Also, as the basque has no boning, there is less chance of causing damage. I think the absence of boning is a good thing, as often the bones are flimsy plastic ones that bend out of shape immediately. They can also cause discomfort, so the fact the Surrender has none is a good thing in my opinion.

Scantilly Surrender Basque and Peep Hole Briefs

Scantilly Surrender Basque and Peep Hole Briefs

At the bottom of the basque there are four suspender straps, which again feature rose gold metalwork. I don’t know about you but I think suspenders and stockings are very sexy, and as basques usually have suspender straps I am immediately drawn to them.

Scantilly Surrender Basque and Peep Hole Briefs

I do find it hard to get my boobs in exactly the right place in the cups – I don’t think this is because my breasts are too big, but more because of the basque itself. It appears that there is empty space at the bottom of the cups and I notice that Lotte, the model in the Scantilly stock photos, also has this issue. I can adjust my boobs and position the cups so this doesn’t happen, so it’s definitely not that the cups are too shallow, but then when I adjust the body of the basque so it is sitting right the cups move downwards, causing the issue. I haven’t tried a 34 back, which could eradicate the problem, but for me it’s not a big deal at all and takes nothing away from the comfort or the aesthetic of the basque.

Scantilly Surrender Basque and Peep Hole Briefs

On me, I think a 34 back would be about right in all Scantilly pieces, including this basque. You can see from the pictures that the cups are too small for me as I get quadboobing and some spillage under the arms, but I very much like the fact that Scantilly pieces have relatively narrow wires and fairly deep cups. Despite the cups not being my size the wires do not dig into my armpits and they are not too tall or too high. The central gore does not lie flat against my sternum, but again this is to be expected.

Scantilly Surrender Basque and Peep Hole Briefs

I love those harness straps! They aren’t adjustable so if you find them a bit long it would be a really simple stitching job to make them shorter.

The Scantilly Surrender Basque doesn’t skim my waist, and in fact sits a little away from my waist because it is on the large side; had I worn a 34 I might’ve got a smoothing/streamlining effect from it, but do be aware that it is not shapewear and will therefore not cinch the waist.

Scantilly Surrender Basque and Peep Hole Briefs

The sheer Peep Hole Briefs are another level of naughtiness and do exactly what the name suggests. The are partially open at the back, with a small bow towards the top of the opening that pulls the two sections together a little. The briefs are not crotchless and have a cotton-lined gusset.

Scantilly Surrender Basque and Peep Hole Briefs

The sides of the briefs are very thin and although they are not at all uncomfortable I do find they tend to cut into the soft flesh on my hips and sometimes twist over. I would have liked a brief option with slightly wider sides in this set, although I do understand why Scantilly went with two skimpy choices in the Surrender set to contrast with the coverage of the basque.

Scantilly Surrender Basque and Peep Hole Briefs

The Scantilly Surrender Basque makes me feel very sexy and kind of powerful – I think it’s the fact that the basque leaves a bit more to the imagination as it has more coverage, but the sheer black mesh fabric offers a sneaky peek as to what lies beneath. The harness straps add a ‘bad’ side to this basque rather than it being just pretty and feminine, which is an inspired twist. And the briefs are incredible – I am sure you can guess why!!

The Surrender design comes in the basque, bra, peep hole briefs, and thong. All of these are available on Brastop, who often have discounts/special offers and ship internationally for a very reasonable price.

I also have the bra in 36HH and may review it on here in due course, but if not I’ll definitely pop a mini review on social media soon. Just in case you don’t already follow me, you can find me here: Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr/Pinterest.

Do you own any Scantilly pieces? Have you tried the Scantilly Surrender Basque? Do you wear it as daytime lingerie or just as a bedroom piece? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Anonymous
    21 February 2017 / 21:41

    Oh my god your back!!!! I'm so happy. I have missed your blog posts so much!!!!! Your such an inspiration to me thank you. Jemima XX

  2. Lucy
    22 February 2017 / 00:37

    That basque is beautiful. It's expensive but my wedding anniversary is coming up so I'll try to persuade my husband to treat me – and him XD

  3. Jelly Bean Melly
    24 February 2017 / 00:03

    Thanks for your useful post. I wanted to buy this but I wasn't sure about sizing. Your blog review has helped me make up my mind and I've ordered it. Can't wait for it to arrive!

  4. Erica W.
    24 February 2017 / 01:27

    I think the basque is beautiful and you look amazing but it's so expensive 🙁 I just can't afford it.

  5. Anonymous
    24 February 2017 / 22:38

    Nice review. I'm not a basque person myself but this one is really pretty. I'd like it even more if they made it in a colour like red or royal blue.

  6. Anonymous
    25 February 2017 / 08:56

    Okay, now I understand how narrow your roots are. The sheerness of the basque under your arms reveals how little tissue you have under your arms. I have missed your blog posts; I'm glad you're back! It's fine with me if you streamline your reviews. Even with this number of photos, your review is extremely helpful! I hope you continue. I find instagram tends to leave me wishing for more substantive content.

  7. Poppy
    25 February 2017 / 15:41

    I find your reviews invaluable so I'm stoked you're back blogging again! What will you review next? Hopefully some plus size leggings, I find it really hard to find ones that don't fall down.

  8. Anonymous
    26 February 2017 / 18:24

    I didn't think Scantilly would work for me – I'm a 38J and as a plus sized woman my cute lingerie choices are very limited. But seeing as this works for you in 36HH when you normally wear 32M bras I'm definately going to give it a go. Thanks for all the info x

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