Ewa Michalak BM Bibi Czarny Tulipan Bra 34K/75K and High Waist Briefs 20/48

I have been reviewing quite a number of Ewa Michalak lingerie items lately, and that’s because I placed a fairly large order just before Christmas to make the most of a special discount EM were offering, and I am now working my way through that order with my reviews here on the blog. 

When I placed my order, I picked a selection of bras and briefs from those that were discounted, and the set I am reviewing today is the BM Bibi Czarny Tulipan.

Image courtesy of Ewa Michalak

The BM bra style is similar to the SM, but it’s more of a traditional-looking balconette bra, with a stronger knitted fabric on the bottom half of the cups and stretchy lace on the top. The central gore is higher than on PL bras, and these design features all combine to produce a bra that is great for all breasts, and is particularly effective for those who have softer breast tissue that sometimes (or always!) struggles to remained contained by plunge bras.

Having previously tried the BM Gwiezdny Pył in 34K/75K, I knew this size was a good fit for me so I went for the same in the BM Bibi Czarny Tulipan:

As you can see, the 34K/75K turned out to be a perfect fit on me (although the band is quite tight so I am wearing an extender with it for the time being). Just look at the fit in those cups – it’s magnificent!

I teamed the Bibi Czarny Tulipan bra and briefs set with my favourite black Prague Lady Microfiber Opaque Hold-ups from The Big Tights Company and some black and gold heels from eBay.

The BM Bibi Czarny Tulipan Bra is unpadded and the cups are made of three part construction, with two sections on the lower half and one continuous lace section across the top. The fabric that makes up the lower half is soft and shiny, and has slight stretch. The top section is made of a very soft and stretchy lace fabric, which helps to minimise the chance of quadboob. As you can see from my photos, the bra gives decent coverage so that my boobs are held securely but it does not completely cover my breasts and so this bra can be worn with a medium neckline top or dress.

I really love how the bra is pretty but the design has been kept simple and unfussy. The black fabric has a lovely sheen to it, and the lace is gorgeous. There are pretty adornments on the bra to add interest, such as the bow and pearl on the central gore, and the small black bow at the top of each of the cups where the shoulder strap joins.

The bra’s wires are wonderfully narrow (one of the many reasons I love EM bras!) and they fit comfortably around my breasts without pinching. The central gore lies flat and is a good height on my sternum. Under my arms, the wires do not come up too high, and I am pleased to report that they do not poke me or cause irritation.

The band of the BM Bibi Czarny Tulipan is fairly firm and runs a little on the small side, hence my need for an extender. The band fastens with three rows of three hooks and eyes, so there is the opportunity for me to tighten the band should I see fit.

The shoulder straps are fully adjustable and there are looped embellishments along the edges of the straps to ensure the sliders do not move during wear. The straps are nice and wide, and they have slight stretch so they are very comfortable to wear all day.

Despite owning Ewa bras for several years now, I still cannot get over what a wonderful shape they give my breasts. It is indeed wonderful engineering and I mentally thank Ewa every time I don one of her creations. My boobs have never been better supported, nor held so firmly or so high. Ewa gives me happy boobs!

The matching high waisted briefs are made from the same soft fabrics and so they are incredibly comfortable. The tummy panel has a slight smoothing effect, which is a nice touch as support is always appreciated. I love the lace panels at the side of the tummy panel as they make a change from just plain black. The briefs are adorned with similar decorations as the bra: there is a small black bow at either side of the bottom edge of the tummy panel, and there is a black bow and pearl on the back of the briefs. The briefs are full coverage and are cut so they give a comfortable fit on the backside and do not ride up.

I must admit that I had hoped the knickers would come up a little higher, as from the stock photo it seemed like they would, but as you can see they just about cover my belly button. I guess that’s not too bad, but I long for really high waisted knickers!

I am sure you won’t be at all surprised to hear that I love this lingerie set and highly recommend it to anyone looking for an unpadded black balconette bra that gives first class support, lift, and shape. Although aesthetically it is a very simple bra, it is understated and looks completely gorgeous whilst also being very sexy. What more could a woman want from her lingerie?

You can read another review of the BM Bibi Czarny Tulipan over at Fuller Figure Fuller Bust here.



  1. Our Panty
    6 March 2015 / 02:29

    I love the way those panties fit you. They look very comfortable and I like the way the cut is too.

  2. Laura Ferry
    6 March 2015 / 09:27

    I love this set, especially with the hold ups! I'd love some truly high waisted knickers as well… they all roll down on me 🙁 xxx

  3. michaela
    6 March 2015 / 13:34

    Omg this set is sooo nice. Never heard of this brand but I'm gunna check them out right away xxx

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