Bravissimo Lola Luxe Basque in Blackberry 36K and Thong XL

Early last year I bought the Bravissimo Lola Luxe Basque in Black/Teal from a friend and reviewed it on my blog. Although the fit was not completely perfect it’s a set I am glad to have as it’s very pretty and is perfect for those special bedroom occasions.

Last month I was looking on the Bravissimo website to see if there was anything I could review and my search brought me to the Lola Luxe Basque in Blackberry (was £50.00, now reduced to £40.00; UK sizes 30-38 F-K (limited availability)).

Image courtesy of Bravissimo

This basque is identical to the one I reviewed last year, except it is in a different colourway. I decided to give it a try in any case, as I knew I’d need a different size to the basque I already owned. I ordered the Lola Luxe Basque in Blackberry in 36K and the thong in XL (I would have gone for 2XL but it wasn’t available).

For reference I am wearing the basque with some All Woman Lace Hold-Ups in Natural from The Big Tights Company and some nude patent peep toe heels from Internaçionale. As a quick aside, I found these hold-ups run a little smaller than the Prague Lady Lace Hold-ups I already own. You can see in some of the photos that the tops of the hold-ups dig into my thighs a bit; they do not feel at all uncomfortable but it’s a shame they look a bit tight in some of these snaps. 

The Lola Luxe Basque in Blackberry is so pretty in real life. The purple is a very gorgeous hue, and it is offset by some simple yet attractive pink embellishments. There is a small pink bow at the front bottom of each of the straps, and a large bow on the central gore. This same sized bow also adorns the front centre of the matching thong, and there’s a small bow on the back centre.

The Lola Luxe’s cups are made from three part construction and they do give a great shape, although there is a slight pointy appearance. I don’t mind this as it helps my boobs look perky but it might be too much for some women. The bottoms of the cups are double-lined for stability and the top halves feature a very pretty purple mesh fabric.

I found the cups to be a so-so fit. The wires were much too wide for me, and the cups too shallow and definitely on the small side. That said, I do find Bravissimo to be the best UK bra fit overall, but it’s very hard for any brand to measure up to my Ewa Michalak lingerie! I could have certainly done with narrower wires, deeper cups, and additional volume, as these features would have given me a better fit. The wires are also quite tall and I fear that they would have started to cause irritation and poke me if I’d kept the Lola Luxe on for much longer. The central gore sat more or less flat but it did move away from my chest on occasion. I’m being my typically pernickity self over the fit here, but if all you are looking for is a basque to wear in the bedroom I think this is a fantastic option and thanks to the range of sizes available you are fairly likely to find a decent fit.

The front of the basque is made from a reasonably stiff and unstretchy material, but the back fabric is thinner and definitely has more stretch to allow for a good fit. The basque is not designed to shape or slim one’s figure, but I am sure it offers a bit of streamlining when worn in the correct size. There is light boning in the basque provided by flexible plastic bones, and these offer support and a bit of shaping to the torso.

I’ve read that one should size down in the ‘band’ in order to get best fit in the Lola Luxe, but if I’d done that the cups would have been too small so I went for a size that would give me decent cup fit instead. The 36 band is definitely too big and in fact I think a 32 would have been spot on. That said, in a 32 band I’d have needed at least an L cup, and possibly even an LL, which is not a size that is manufactured by Bravissimo. The basque’s length is good and it covered my tummy no problem at all.

The basque fastens with three rows of 12 hooks and eyes, so it can be quite a kerfuffle to do it up, especially if you don’t have anyone to help you. I found I could fasten a few, but then I would get stuck so I ended up taking it off and starting again. This time I put the basque on back to front, fastened a few of the hooks and eyes, and then gently twisted it around my body until the fastenings were at the back and the cups were at the front. I was then able to fasten the remaining clasps before easing my breasts into the cups and wiggling everything into place. It struck me that although it took me several minutes to get into the basque, it would be very easy and quick to remove it when the time came!

The pretty plain purple straps are fully adjustable and the adjusters stay in place thanks to the embellishments down the sides of the straps. My only gripe with them is that they are joined on to the basque on the back with oval-shaped clips; these are fairly thin and immediately twist out of shape when the basque is worn. More importantly, they dig into my lower shoulders very painfully, which would be a real problem if I was wearing the basque all day. I do hope Bravissimo change this on future iterations of this garment.

The basque has four detachable suspender straps, and as you can see in my photos I have chosen to keep them in place for these photos. However, the fact that they can easily be detached is definitely a plus point as it makes the basque more versatile. Personally I would have preferred six straps…but the four work very well with the cut of the basque.

You can see the XL thong was on the small side for me; it starts off in the right position but then very quickly rolls up as the sides are very thin and the strip of material is eaten up by my soft and hungry hips. Although it’s nice to have matching bottoms, I think this is an occasion where I’d try to find my own choice of briefs or thong as this one is just too skimpy at the sides for my liking.

Ultimately I didn’t keep this set as the fit wasn’t quite right, especially for an item of lingerie that is relatively expensive, and so I returned it to Bravissimo for a refund. (Their customer service is absolutely first class, by the way.) However, as mentioned previously this is a great option for anyone looking for a basque for short periods of wear.

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The Lola Luxe Basque is available in three other colours: scarlet, black, and ivory (perfect for brides!). Which is your favourite?



  1. Darlene C.
    16 February 2015 / 20:31

    You make this basque look so beautiful. The Bravissimo model is amazing, but she doesn't do justice to this piece like you do. I'm sorry it wasn't comfortable enough to keep. The details you point out are SO helpful. I don't need a basque, but you make me want one.

  2. Anonymous
    16 February 2015 / 20:32

    Beautiful pictures and what a fab bum. I’m very jealous – mine is so so flat!

  3. WhatLauraLoves
    16 February 2015 / 21:07

    Gorgeous as always. I love the colour of this set… its actually very similar to the colour I have the walls painted in my bedroom which might be a bit too matchy matchy for me! xxx

  4. Anonymous
    16 February 2015 / 21:42

    Fantastic pics again beautiful x

  5. Mayah Thomas
    16 February 2015 / 22:03

    This is such a gorgeous set Caroline. It looks amazing on you I love the aubergine colour against your skin tone. I've never tried a basque I doubt they would sit comfortably against my stomach. Great post hun xx

  6. Sara
    16 February 2015 / 22:26

    wonderful , fantastic , amazing !!!it was a bit of time that I wanted to ask if she wore stockings skin color ! Looks great, I will try it with mine!

  7. Anonymous
    16 February 2015 / 23:52

    I just ordered this yesterday! I'm between 36H and 38GG and definitely need wider wires than you, so I'm waiting on my 38GG. I hope it fits, this looks fabulous on you 🙂

  8. Anonymous
    17 February 2015 / 08:10

    I bought this basque and thong in the black (I've worn it all day today, coincidentally). I bought a 38FF and was a bit worried about fit, as I have proportionally wide hips, and thought I might not be able to do it up. The first two times I put it on it took me about 20 mins to get all the hooks done up, but since then I can do it quite quickly. The fit is good, and I find it works quite well as an alternative to a bodysuit. I have only worn the thong once, briefly (figure it out!) but I agree that it fits small and is a little skimpy for my liking (mind you, I don't own any other thongs, so am probably not used to the feeling!). I haven't owned the basque during winter yet (I live in NZ) so haven't tried it with the suspenders and stockings, but look forward to trying it for a night out. Thanks for the review. I bought my first Ewa Michalak product (a babydoll) recently and it arrived today, so I'm looking forward to trying it on tonight. She custom made it for me, so fingers crossed the size is right.

  9. Anonymous
    17 February 2015 / 13:10

    If you ever need the skills of a professional photographer I would like to volunteer my services free of charge. I’m a heterosexual woman so this isn’t predatory. I just think you have a beautiful form and I’d love to capture it.

  10. Anna Banana
    17 February 2015 / 14:29

    You make this basque look so good! I wish Brav would use models of different proportions – the girl they use is lovely and has a fab figure but they definately need to get with the diversity programme!! I think if they used shorter/taller/thinner/fuller models they would get more sales as people would get a better idea of what the lingerie would look like on them. Thank heavens for your blog though as otherwise I would have no clue what something might look like on me before I bought it! Your reviews are so useful to all women, not just plus size or busty x

  11. Anonymous
    18 February 2015 / 16:41

    Caroline I'm in love. Such a stunning basque, you have really tempted me to buy it! I’ll have to wait till I get paid though.

    18 February 2015 / 22:39

    You're peachy bum! I could just bite it. 🙂 xxx

  13. Anonymous
    13 July 2015 / 00:25

    you are so lovely. You write all these details for your readers, it’s much appreciated. I can buy this with confidence now. Thank you.

  14. Anonymous
    21 July 2015 / 10:52

    Really wish you did this with black stockings like in sample photo. It would look much better. I wear mine with black and it looks great. The nude ones are just lost here. Sorry.

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