The Big Tights Company: Comparing the All Woman 180 Denier Tights with the All Woman Cotton (woolly feel) Tights

As we head into the winter months and the weather turns colder, we reach the point where it’s time to bring out our warmer clothes. I have many garments in my wardrobe that I wear all year round; they just need a bit of adapting to be suitable for either warm or cool temperatures. 

In the autumn and winter, I often wear dresses that I also wear in the spring and summer, but I add layers to keep me warm. It’s also crucial to have some warm, thick tights to see me through the winter, and when I was recently searching through my wardrobe and drawers I was shocked to discover that all of my winter tights had holes in them. They’ve done pretty well as I’ve owned them for several years, but it was a sure sign that I needed to top up my tights collection.

Image courtesy of The Big Tights Company

Step forward The Big Tights Company. As the name suggests, they sell plus size tights – as well as stockings, holdups, and much more – in UK sizes 12-42, and when I visited their website I found they had a good selection of thicker tights that are perfect for winter. Laura from The Big Tights Company asked me if I would like to compare two pairs of these tights, and so this post will do just that.

First of all, I tried the All Woman 180 Denier Tights (£18.95 per pair, or £49.00 for three, UK sizes 22-32 and 32-42). For reference, I am wearing the tights in UK size 22-32, along with my Ewa Michalak S Tęczowe Kfiaty bra 32KK/70KK and matching thong in these photos.

These tights are super soft and are no trouble at all to pull on. If I wear tights, I almost always go for shaping tights, so the fact these were so stretchy and supple made a very pleasant change.

The Big Tights Company state the following facts about these tights:

  • Fit hips to 90″ (225cm)
  • 180 denier
  • Extra long in the leg
  • Extra wide in the thigh
  • Made in Italy exclusively for us

As these tights are so stretchy, I’m not surprised to learn that they’d fit hips almost twice the size of mine. I actually found the tights to be quite baggy over the stomach and waist areas so they definitely have the potential to work well on a larger lady. You can see in my final picture just how stretchy and roomy they are!

The 180 denier thickness is exactly what’s required for winter wear and I am sure these tights would keep me snuggly and warm. As I mentioned earlier, they are very soft and feel of superb quality.

Despite the fact these tights fitted me well in the leg, there’s lots of potential there length-wise so I know these would work well on someone taller than me (I am only 5’5). Being so short in the leg means that the tights are almost opaque on me, but someone with longer pins would stretch the tights out more and therefore make them a bit more translucent. 

I have pretty chunky thighs so when I saw on the website that these tights were extra wide in the thigh I was very pleased. I can confirm this claim, and I really like the fact the thicker top section of the tights extends quite some way over my thighs, instead of ending just past the buttocks, as is so often the case with hosiery. It almost looks like I am wearing shapewear shorts or cycling shorts under a regular pair of tights, but I promise I am not. In fact, I am wearing a thong so it goes to show just how opaque the top section of the tights is, as you can’t see my knickers at all!

The loose waist caused me to have to hoik the tights up quite a bit whilst taking these photos, but if I was wearing them with clothing there’s a chance I could have used the waistband or belt of the garment to help keep the tights in place.

Overall, I am very impressed with the quality of the All Woman 180 Denier Tights. They are a bit big on the waist so I wouldn’t recommend them for anyone with a smaller waist than me (at the moment it’s about 32″), but for those with waists larger than this they are an excellent option.

These tights have also been reviewed by Georgina at Fuller Figure Fuller Bust here.

And now we move on to the All Woman Cotton (woolly feel) Tights (£19.95 per pair, or three pairs for £54.95, one size (UK 24-34)). For reference, I am wearing the tights in UK size 24-34, along with my Ewa Michalak SM Margot Bra 32KK/70KK and matching briefs in these photos.

When I first took these tights out of the packet, I couldn’t really see a difference between these and the other ones. They both felt soft to the touch and were thick and black. Both tights look quite different to high street tights, as the tops sections are quite voluminous and almost balloon out as they are so large in comparison to the legs. However, this effect is immediately erased when the tights are worn, and the extra room on the hips is most welcome.

The differences became more noticeable when I put the tights on and wore them for a while. I chuckled to myself as these tights reminded me of the woolly tights I sometimes wore at school as a young girl, and I daresay with lots of washing and wearing they would eventually end up even more like them; bobbly and snagged but still warm and comfy!

The Big Tights Company’s website says the following about these tights:

  • A very fluffy woolly soft feel
  • Fit hips to 64″ (162cm)
  • Flat seams and gusset
  • 60% cotton 32% polyamide and 8% elastin
  • Black only (for now)

These tights definitely felt snugger on my waist and hips, but there was still plenty of room to spare and they by no means compressed me at all. The rise on these tights is much lower than the 180 Denier ones, and as I pulled them up time and again I found myself wishing they were an inch or two taller to help keep them in place on my waist. The tights were roomy but not baggy on my tummy like the other ones.

The flat seams and gusset were great – often on tights I notice these things but on this pair I didn’t even think about them, which is a sure sign that they weren’t an issue.

I really noticed the difference between the two pairs of tights once I’d worn this pair for a an hour or so. The high cotton content made the tights very comfortable and I felt like I wouldn’t overheat in them as the fabric is so breathable. They are very stretchy as despite being on the big side for me they were generally a good fit.

As with the other tights, these were almost opaque on me as my short little legs didn’t stretch the length out very much. On someone taller they would definitely be a more translucent.

These tights have a darker top section but on this pair it only extends to the tops of my thighs, making it look as though I am wearing short shorts in these pictures. Again, I am wearing the briefs that match my bra, and once again these are not visible at all thanks to the opaqueness of the top section.

The note about ‘Black only (for now)’ makes me curious as to what colours might come next – I’d love these in a vibrant cobalt blue, and even in red.

So, how do these two pairs of tights compare?

I found it really hard to choose between the two. They both have pros and cons but I think overall I prefer the All Woman Cotton (woolly feel) Tights as I very much like the high cotton content.

Both tights are really fantastic quality and are soft and stretchy. One thing I hate about tights – and this puts me off wearing them on occasion – is that they often end up being too tight on the toes. I can only assume it’s because my feet slide down in the tights during wear, and eventually there is nowhere for my toes to go and so they get very squashed in the toes of the tights. It can be really painful sometimes! Thankfully there is no chance of this happening with these tights as they are buttery-soft and have plenty of length in them.

If you are thinking about buying a pair (or three) of either of these tights, I appreciate that they are fairly pricey but I am sure they will last a long time so they are definitely worth the investment. Think about how much money you have spent on tights over the years, only to have to throw them away after only one or two wears because they have snagged or aren’t comfortable. I am confident this won’t be the case with these lovely tights.

So, if you are looking for some decent quality tights that will keep you warm through winter, look no further than the fantastic Big Tights Company.

For another thorough review of these tights, check out Leah’s post over at Just Me, Leah.

GREAT NEWS! The Big Tights Company have just put together a special offer on these tights. Read all about the ‘Winter Parcel’ here – get three pairs of tights for just £39.95. But be quick, as the offer ends at midnight on 26th November 2014!



    20 November 2014 / 01:09

    Great review Caroline and fantastic photos as usual! I only did waist down photos as I think the internet has seen enough of me this week. 😉 xx

    • Joanne Doddington
      22 November 2014 / 18:25

      Just wanted to say thank you Leah for your blog post which was also very useful. You ladies write great blogs that are so helpful for women like me. I thought I had very limited plus size choices but you guys keep me up to date with the new ranges coming out and fashion solutions and so on. Thank you!!! xx

  2. Anonymous
    21 November 2014 / 19:41

    This is so helpful thank you. I was just thinking last week I need some winter tights so this post of yours has been very informative. I'm now off to read Leah's blog post to see if she had the same conclusions as you. Seems like the Big Tights Co are making some great hosiery for us plus size girls x Carmen x

  3. Amy Hoskins
    21 November 2014 / 21:41

    These look great! Do you think they would fit me? I am size 28 on my hips/legs x

  4. Anonymous
    22 November 2014 / 13:43

    Gonna be buying some of these for my mum for Xmas. Thanks for the useful review x

  5. Jennifer Lewis
    22 November 2014 / 15:05

    I just bought some tights from Evans last week but they are hopeless. They don't fit right at all. I am going to give these tights a try and will buy the three pack as its an amazing bargain. I think they will defiantly be better than Evans =o)

  6. Katie Wilson
    22 November 2014 / 16:05

    Saw this post on your Facebook page and just had to click and read the review. These look so perfect and even better that there is a special offer on just now. I will be buying two packs of the special offer so I have six pairs of tights to see me through the winter, it's like a dream come true, thanks for signposting this for us xxx

  7. Joanne Doddington
    22 November 2014 / 18:16

    Oh wow, these tight's look great! It's good to have a choice of tight's and although I already have some good shapewear tight's I don't have any regular non compressing tight's so I will definately be ordering the winter parcel as soon as I get paid!!!! xx

  8. Vicki
    11 March 2015 / 19:03

    Really interested in buying some of these but can't decide on size!The All Woman ones to be precise.One person has said 22/32 and another 32/42 (I'm between a 28-32 dependent on where I shop but my hips are bigger than 60")!Would value your opinion if you don't mind!? x

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