Evans Scarlett & Jo Pink Floral 2 in 1 Prom Dress 14

Scarlett & Jo are a plus size fashion brand sold in Evans stores and on their website. The designs are figure-flattering and are created to inspire and express both personality and confidence. I’ve reviewed a number of their pieces on my blog and back in the summer I ordered a whole pile of their items from Evans and in this post I will be sharing with you the Scarlett & Jo Pink Floral 2 in 1 Prom Dress (was £60.00, currently in the sale for just £31.50 (limited sizes available)).

Image courtesy of Evans

This dress is an adaptation of the Poppy 2 in 1 Prom Dress and the Black 2 in 1 Floral Prom Dress I have previously reviewed here on my blog. The difference this time is the top; it has a ‘Bardot style’ neckline and is less low cut than its predecessors.

As I had tried the previous dresses in a size 14 and found them to be a good fit, I went for a 14 again this time.

For reference, I am wearing my Ewa Michalak S Pieprzyk 32KK/70KK bra in these photos, along with some black high heeled shoes from Primark. 

Initially I wasn’t sure how to wear the shoulders and neckline of this dress. The top didn’t quite sit on my shoulders in the normal way a top does, but after a bit of fiddling it settled on the edges of my shoulders and I simply moved my bra straps along a little so that they were not on show.

This dress is every bit as wonderful as its previous iterations. The length – mid calf on 5’4 me – is perfect and the skirt is made from a non-stretch fabric. There is an underskirt that adds volume and helps to create a super duper hourglassy look. The top is made from a stretchy jersey material, and there is a thick elasticated waistband that acts as a belt to cinch the waist beautifully. The dress is machine washable and I’m pleased to say that the fabrics wash and wear well and don’t seem to crease too easily.

I really like the different neckline; it makes a change to have something other than a regular scoop or v-neck, and this one is really pretty. The Bardot style has a folded over edge and feels very fancy. It does take a bit of getting used to but once the top settles into place it feels very comfortable. I do think the extra coverage on the bust makes me look more booby than the other dresses do, but again it’s good to have a selection of looks in one’s wardrobe and as this one reveals little or no cleavage it would be suitable for wearing at work.

The three-quarter sleeves are the perfect choice for this dress and help pull the overall look together. I love that the dress can work for a formal occasion and also for everyday wear.

I absolutely adore the print of the skirt and the vibrant colours. The background colour looks rather red in these photos, but in fact it is a very deep pink/red hue. I am a sucker for blues so I was immediately taken with the blue poppies in the print and how they really stand out against the dark pink background.

So, this is another beautiful frock added to the rails of Scarlett & Jo. I can’t wait to see what they bring out next!

A similar version of this dress, the Scarlett & Jo Black Multi 2 in 1 Floral Prom Dress, is also available on the Evans website here. Again, it is in the sale for just £31.50 and is available in limited sizes, so snap it up now if you like it as it’s bound to sell out very soon!



  1. Anonymous
    2 November 2014 / 20:14

    Wow, so gorgeous! Love this dress shape on you, you are my curvy inspiration. Becca x

  2. Charli Stewart-Russon
    2 November 2014 / 20:52

    Beautiful dress! The shape is fantastic for a cinched waist and large chests … I'll definitely be heading the way of this dress when next time to make a purchase!

  3. www.justmeleah.co.uk
    2 November 2014 / 22:31

    Looking fabulous as ever. The neckline is really pretty and unusual. xx

  4. Amy Hoskins
    2 November 2014 / 22:32

    So beautiful, you and the dress! Looks like it was made to measure for you. I'm so tempted to buy it 🙂

  5. Anonymous
    2 November 2014 / 23:02

    So if I want to order this dress what size should I go for? My waist fits a size 18 according to the Evans's size chart but I usually get a 20 or sometimes even 22, it depends what the piece of clothing is. I want this dress SOOOO much after seeing it on you, I know I won't look anywhere close to as good as you but I still want it! Thanks in anticipation of your help, Bronwyn x

  6. Katie Wilson
    2 November 2014 / 23:20

    Those boobs…that waist…those heels! Omg, you totally rock this outfit! Perfection.

  7. Gifi Fields
    3 November 2014 / 12:44

    Caroline, you are right, this is one of the spin offs of the original 2 in 1 dress. I consider this look as iconic as the original Powerfit dresses of 2012/3. The 2 in 1 tag signifies that it looks like a 2 piece (skirt and top) when worn. But it's I dress. Obviously £31.50 is a bargain. Where we are going with this look, is going to be very interesting, its very feminine and easy to wear. What I think is really good about it, is the dress tends to give apples and pears the illusion of having an hour glass shape. And those with an hour glass, like you, are enhanced as per comments.Currently, we are in a very wearable and playful feminine "la Dolce Vita" mode. A few spectacular Evening pieces of very limited availability are going on line in the next 2 weeks.

    • Joanne Doddington
      3 November 2014 / 13:29

      Wow how cool that you have commented on Caroline's blog post! I can't wait to see the new pieces!! Love everything from Scarlet & Jo especially these prom dresses :0)

    • Gifi Fields
      4 November 2014 / 13:20

      Joanne, as a designer, the biggest thrill is seeing the dress being worn. Its inspiring to read the comments. The Good and the bad ones, The key to this particular dress is the unique fixed elasticated waist belt that cinches and the jersey bodice that accommodates with comfort. Can be worn any time of year, day or night. We are very, very proud of this design and the pleasure it gives when worn. For you, might not be to your taste, There are a couple of new proms going on line shortly one a 3 D Rose Feminine gothic is my favourite, strictly a fantasy going out dress.

    • Joanne Doddington
      22 November 2014 / 18:22

      Oh how exciting I can't wait for these new dresses! Feminine gothic sounds amazing!

  8. Joanne Doddington
    3 November 2014 / 13:31

    I really love these prom dresses myself and they look fantastic on you. I think overall I prefer the regular scoop neck top of the other 2 in 1 prom dresses but this is nice for a change. And its always good to have something less low cut!!!! So excited about the new pieces from Scarlet & Jo coming soon xx

  9. Anna Banana
    3 November 2014 / 16:34

    The colours of the skirt are so pretty! I love how its really bold print on the skirt and then a plain coloured top. Otherwise it would of been to fussy but like this its perfect. I brought the first prom dress and wear it all the time. Tempted to try this one as it has a different neck line. And like Joanne I am looking forward to see what S&J bring out next.

  10. Pink Haired Princess
    11 November 2014 / 17:43

    Hmmm, I like it but don't love it. Think the sleeves/shoulder/neck thing would annoy me, but I love the bright skirt and actually like that they've kept the top plain and the length is great.

  11. Anonymous
    12 November 2014 / 23:03

    Looks lovely on you! This design of dress suits you very well I think. I hope they bring out more of this shape?

  12. Chloe Gillam
    30 April 2015 / 15:46

    lovely prom dress you was looking awesome in this dress.

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