Cut For Evans Navy Textured Panel Knitted Dress 14/16

Several weeks ago, high street plus size retailer Evans launched its latest ‘Cut For Evans’ collection. These pieces are part of an industry leading initiative that introduces a range of garments from brand new fashion designers. You can read all about it here. Sadly, I wasn’t able to attend the launch myself due to prior commitments, but I did order an item from the collection to try for myself and to share with you here on my blog. 

The piece I chose was the Cut For Evans Navy Textured Panel Knitted Dress (£55.00, UK sizes 14-32 (dual sized)).

Image courtesy of Evans

I must admit that I don’t tend to wear an awful lot of knitwear, apart from a simple black cardigan to give me an extra layer for warmth. I find knitwear can make me too warm, so I usually steer clear of it unless it is being used as a potentially removable layer. I have often wondered about sweater dresses and whether or not they would suit me, but have always ended up with the conclusion that they wouldn’t. Perhaps it’s that I haven’t found the right one for me, so when I saw this knitted dress I wanted to give it a try. I ordered it in a size 14/16, which is the smallest size available.

For reference, I am wearing my Ewa Michalak S Tęczowe Kfiaty bra 32KK/70KK in these photos, along with some Sloggi briefs and a pair of Matalan High Waist Bum and Tum 15 Denier Tights in Black (I could only find the nude ones available on the website here). My heels are from Primark.

I absolutely love the combination of colours and patterns on this dress. Red, white, and navy always look fabulous together and the way the designer, Eve Turley, has brought these colours together is absolutely fantastic. I suppose it’s kind of an illusion dress, but instead of making one’s waist and hips seem smaller it accentuates them in a wonderful statement-like way.

The dress is made from 100% cotton so it doesn’t immediately make the wearer feel overheated and it’s not in the least bit itchy. The dress is machine washable, which – if I had kept this dress – would have come as good news to me as it had a very odd and strong smell to it when I took it out of the packaging for the first time. I’m pleased to say that the aroma faded over time, and it wasn’t anywhere near as pungent when I unpackaged the dress for the second time to get these photos taken. I adore the waffle knit used for the navy sections, and the elbow patches are fun, too, although I must admit I didn’t notice them at all when I tried the dress on.

Having seen this dress on a model, I was surprised it came up this short on me – it’s definitely over-the-knee length. In stark comparison, on the model (who must be at least 5’9) it easily covered her knees, as seen here:

Image courtesy of Evans

So, for me, this was a little bit misleading, especially as I like my skirts and dresses to comfortably cover my knees. This aspect was disappointing.

Overall I found the fit of the dress to be rather loose and despite the shapely design I felt that it didn’t flatter my curves and in places it somewhat swamped me, especially around the middle. I therefore tried adding a belt to see how that would affect the look of the dress.

Much better! As always, the belt defines my waist and helps to show off my figure. I would have liked to used a belt in one of the colours featured on the dress but despite raiding my extensive belt collection I didn’t have anything that was quite right, so I went for a basic black to tie in with my tights and shoes.

The belt does hide and perhaps detract somewhat from the original design of the dress but for me it simply doesn’t work on my figure without it.

A downside of adding the belt is that it made the dress even shorter…much too short for my liking. If it had been over the knee I would have seriously considered keeping it, but as it wasn’t there was no point in me holding on to it as I just wouldn’t have worn it. However, I wanted to share these pictures with you in case they may help you if you are considering buying this dress.

The dress would work well with leggings, and I also think adding a longer length pencil skirt underneath could have been another option if like me you felt this was too short as it is.

It was really exciting to try on this piece from the Cut For Evans collection – what do you think of it?



  1. Anonymous
    25 November 2014 / 22:01

    This is a very different look for you but I like it alot.

  2. Anonymous
    26 November 2014 / 00:52

    Not sure how I feel about the tartan like (plaid) design. Like the navy blue color of the rest though. I think you're right the cut of this dress seems off for you. Maybe it's the material?

  3. mysteries1984
    26 November 2014 / 23:39

    That model is 5'10! Unbelievable. I do think it's actually a great look on you – a little different. But I'd be so let down by the length difference. Its reviews aren't great so far either, so maybe this is a let down for Evans too.

  4. Ilena
    27 November 2014 / 23:56

    I don't like this one. I am sorry but this is true. You have so many beautiful dresses on here that look lovely so perhaps it is good for us to see one that does not look so much. But I think it is bad design rather than a problem with you. The colours are nice.

  5. Joanne Doddington
    29 November 2014 / 15:51

    So this is very different! I think like you said it would of looked great if it had been more like the model photo, longer basically!! I don't think it looks awful but you have so many other items that look amazing so I feel kind of biased. Think you did the right thing not hanging on to this one. You still look fab tho!!! xx

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