BiuBiu Florence Top 40 BB/BBB

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll know I am a big fan of Polish clothing brand BiuBiu. They make clothes that are specially designed to work on curvy figures, with many items allowing for large boobs, small waists, and large hips. I’ve written a number of reviews of their items, including the Venice top, and today I will be telling you about the Florence top (£19.35).

Image courtesy of BiuBiu

You can see from this photo how the top is designed to work for those with larger boobs – it has a ‘boob section’ that is created from gathered material, meaning that there is a specific pocket in which one’s breasts should fit. The neckline is scooped with a slight v-neck shape, and the long sleeves are ideal for the cooler months that are almost upon us here in the UK.

I bought my Florence tops some months ago but wanted to wait until this time of year to share my reviews of them. I got them in three colours – fuchsia, shown above, black, and cobalt blue. All tops are in size 40BB/BBB, and the ‘BB/BBB’ part refers to how much room there is on the bust (this is the bustier option). You can read BiuBiu’s size guide here.

For reference, in all these photos I am wearing my Ewa Michalak S Szykuś Bra 32KK/70KK, which is actually too small in the cup for me now. The photos were taken a few months ago.

First up, the fuchsia:

As you can see, these photos were taken in (fading) natural daylight and I think they are a fairly accurate representation of the colour – it’s a gorgeous reddish pink shade that is girly and pretty without being twee. I have teamed the top with a simple pencil skirt from Primark, black opaque tights from Matalan, and my often-seen black patent heels from Internaçionale

On to the black:

The photos of the black Florence top were taken in artificial lighting as by this time it was evening and I wanted to be sure the top was photographed well. I’ve swapped my black pencil skirt for the same in teal, again from Primark.

And finally the cobalt blue:

The cobalt blue Florence top photos were taken in natural light. This is probably my favourite colour of the three, mainly because it is so vibrant and looks great with my blonde hair and blue eyes. It’s such a pretty colour!

The Florence top is made from a soft, stretchy jersey material and its cotton elastane mix provides a flattering and comfortable fit. As you can see from the photos, my boobs just about fit in the allotted section but if there was a BBB or even a BBB/BBBB option I think this would have been better for me. That’s not to say this top isn’t the right size for me; I think it is for a very fitted look but I would have liked to size up in the boobs if possible to get a slightly looser fit.

The neckline is just perfect; just as the stock photo showed, it is scooped but with a slight v-neck appearance, which is so flattering on a busty woman. On me, there is just a hint of cleavage on show, which means it is not too revealing. The openness of the neckline is great as I find if I am covered up too much I get hot very quickly, and it’s always good to show one’s neck and shoulders in a subtle way.

I love the long sleeves of the Florence (it comes in long or short sleeved options) and they really are full-length, and perhaps even a fraction too long for me. I am absolutely not complaining about that, though, as I’d rather sleeves were a little too long than too short.

The length of the body on this top is good and would be ideal for someone taller than me (I am only 5’4) or longer in the body than me. Usually I find that high street tops are not long enough because my boobs take up so much space/length, but as the Florence is cut to allow for large breasts this is absolutely not an issue here.

I think the Florence is the perfect top to dress up or down. It’s certainly smart enough to wear for work in an office, and would look great as part of a smart suit outfit. It could easily be dressed down when worn with jeans for a more casual occasion. It’s not really suitable for a formal night out, but for a fun evening with the girls or a cinema date with your partner it could be the perfect choice.

The top is machine washable and does not require ironing, meaning that it is ideal to take on holiday. Even if the top gets creased in your bag or suitcase the creases fall out quickly when the top is put on a hanger or even if worn straight from your bag.

I highly recommend the Florence top to anyone looking for a top that fits well on the bust without being too revealing.

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It looks like the Florence is low on stock at the moment but I do hope BiuBiu will be bringing it back soon. What colours or patterns would you like to see this top in?



    19 October 2014 / 20:24

    They look amazing! I particularly like the fuchsia and cobalt on you. x x

  2. Anna Banana
    19 October 2014 / 22:28

    Woah, I love these tops on you! I haven't tried Biu Biu yet but now I will for sure having seen how well their tops work on you. Do they have sales at all?

  3. Anonymous
    19 October 2014 / 23:29

    Biubiu are really great, I have one of thier dresses and have always wandered about the tops and blouses and how they fit. I read your post on the modena shirt and now this one as well, I think I will be asking for some of these tops for my birthday next month. My favorite is the dark pink on you. I wish they did this in a check print :o)

  4. Joanne Doddington
    20 October 2014 / 00:24

    They need to restock this in ALL the colours so that I can buy them all!!! And I see they do this in a short sleeve option so I want all the colours for that as well. What a great looking top, and you make it look even better. As usual you are causing pain to my bank balance, but my wardrobe thanks you for it ;0)

  5. Anonymous
    20 October 2014 / 00:32

    So glad your back again I missed your posts so much I thought maybe you had left us for good so its good to see you havent I need to try Biubiu one of these days but ordering from abroad always make me nervous so how does it work do I have to pay for postage on top x

  6. Anonymous
    27 October 2014 / 00:30

    Oh wow, are you a plus size model? You make everything look so appealing, I love your blog!I think I need the black one for work! Like you say it's smart and flattering and not too revealing!

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