Pink Clove Geo Print Wrap Dress 16 and Blue Wrap Dress 18

Late last year I placed an order with plus size fashion brand Pink Clove. Some of the items were a hit and some were a miss for me, and today I am going to show you what a difference one size up or down can make. 

The two dresses in question are the Pink Clove Geo Print Wrap Dress (was £18.00, now just £10.00; UK sizes 16-32) and the Pink Clove Blue Wrap Dress (was £18.00, now just £10.80; UK sizes 16-32).

Image courtesy of Pink Clove

Image courtesy of Pink Clove

I had seen both of these dresses at the Pink Clove bloggers’ supper I attended last summer and had been itching to give them a try. I wasn’t too sure what size to go for but in the end the available stock decided for me – I got the Geo Print Wrap Dress in a 16 and the Blue Wrap Dress in an 18 (as the 16 had sold out).

Please excuse the slightly odd colouring in some of these photos. My iPad’s camera clearly wasn’t sure how to deal with the gorgeous colours of these dresses and so went a bit funny on me! I hope this won’t detract from my review or from you getting an idea of what these dresses are like.

So, as you can see, both dresses are a wrap style and they have a fixed wrap on the waistline. They have an elasticated waist and the skirt is a genuine wrapover without very much crossed over material, which means that if the wind blows in the wrong direction the wearer could end up revealing far too much!! The three-quarter length sleeves are comfy but as they are a little on the short side they rather easily ride up during wear, making them more like elbow-length instead.

The dresses are made from 96% viscose and 4% elastane, which is a lovely soft and stretchy fabric. As they are machine washable the dresses are easy to care for and in my experience do not require ironing (hurray!). The Geo Print Wrap Dress has developed a slightly ‘fluffy’ look to it since wearing and washing it a few times, but at such a bargain price I knew it wouldn’t remain looking brand new forever.

Colour-wise these two dresses are fabulous! The Blue Wrap Dress is a gorgeously deep cobalt blue that is complimentary on so many skintones. The Geo Print Wrap Dress has a fun print that combines blues, browns, grey and black.

There is plenty of boob room on both dresses as you can see from my photos. For reference, I am wearing my Ewa Michalak PL Czerwona Panterka Bra 30KK/65KK in these photos. The neckline on the size 16 Geo Print Wrap Dress unfolds itself with wear, which is a pain, but can be easily remedied with some Wundaweb to hold it in place. However, doing this would mean that I wouldn’t be able to wear the dress without a vest underneath, which would be a pity.

The length of the skirt is good, particularly at the back where it is at its longest and on me (I’m around 5’4 in height) it reaches just over the back of the knee. The wrapover style means that the dress is kind of open at the bottom and so the knee and lower thigh is revealed. I would have preferred this to be a straight hem, as opposed to this curved design as I don’t like having my knees and thighs on show with a dress. Alternatively, an ideal compromise would have been as with the George at Asda Moda Printed Jersey Dress as it incorporates the wrapover and curved hem without revealing too much leg.

For me, it felt as through the wrapover hadn’t quite been sewn in the right place. There’s plenty of room on the bust and on the back (and on the waist, but that’s to be expected on me in a size 16 stretchy dress) but the neckline doesn’t sit right on me and although it may not be apparent from my photos in this post I am in fact wearing the Geo Print Wrap Dress today and it is quite indecent! Had the wrapover been sewn a little tighter, the neckline would stay ‘shut’ more easily and there would be the added bonus of more fabric doubled over on the skirt area. This would provide more modesty if a gust of wind blew the skirt open, and would reveal a bit less leg, which I would definitely prefer. It would also ensure a closer fit on the skirt and this is something I would like.

As I think my photos clearly demonstrate, the size 18 Blue Wrap Dress was too big for me. It has a lot of excess fabric underneath the bust and the waist felt uncomfortably big. I therefore didn’t keep it, which was a hard decision to make as the colour is absolutely stunning. I have kept the size 16 Geo Print Wrap Dress as although there was still excess fabric under the bust I felt it was workable with a belt:

My trusty Forever 21 belt works well with this dress. As it is a wide belt it helps to conceal the excess fabric and also keep the neckline in place. I do get a bit of bulky fabric at the back where the elasticated waist is too big but as long as I position the belt properly it isn’t too bad.

The dress definitely stretches with wear and by the end of the day I find it larger than the brand new size 18 on me so do be aware of this if you are thinking of buying one. I would recommend sizing down if you are between sizes or if you would prefer a closer/long-lasting fit.

I also tried the Blue Wrap Dress with a belt – this time a skinny leopard print belt that came with a Clothing at Tesco dress I bought last year:

The belt definitely helps to improve the fit on me but I didn’t feel it was enough to persuade me to keep this dress. Such a shame as I really do adore the colour!

I love my Geo Print Wrap Dress and have worn it on many occasions already as it is so versatile. It’s perfect for work but thanks to its colourful print it’s easy to dress up with accessories for a night out.

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If you missed out on either of these dresses this time around then don’t worry as Pink Clove have brought out the dress in a new print for this season!

Image courtesy of Pink Clove

The Printed Wrap Dress (£24.00, UK sizes 16-28) looks to be a similar hue to the stunning Blue Wrap Dress but the floral print gives it a new look.

Have you tried Pink Clove yet? What do you think of their new collection? Let me know by commenting below!



  1. LollyLikesFATshion
    21 January 2014 / 18:49

    They both look great on you! Wait! You are 5'4"!!! I thought you were like 6'!!! Wow your curves must be mega on that tiny body of yours. I am also a shorty at 5'3" lol!

    • Curvy Wordy
      21 January 2014 / 19:06

      Thank you so much! And yes, I am also of the shorter variety 😉 I think it's the heels that are a trick of the eye and make me seem taller.

  2. BigFashionista
    21 January 2014 / 19:11

    I bought the Geometric print one and totally agree with you. I'm now looking for a stretchy belt as I feel it doesn't look right without it with the excess material. Great post. Thanks for heads up on new print as well.

  3. Just me Leah
    21 January 2014 / 19:23

    What a lovely thorough review of both dresses. I identify with the wind blowing the dress about and making it indecent! I've already flashed far more than I'm comfortable with on a windy day! I need to wundaweb the top of the dress as I inadvertently flashed my therapist last week, hahaha. Despite all of this, I still love the dress. Mine is starting to go fluffy too, but for the price I can live with it. x

  4. Nikki Sumner
    21 January 2014 / 21:14

    You look fabulous, shame about the plain version as it did look lovely, I have popped a few stitches in the neckline of mine so I don't start flashing anyone!!! x

  5. Gertrude
    22 January 2014 / 02:56

    You look so so wonderful! And this new plus size brand are very purse friendly – brb, gonna buy the lot! Lol!!!

  6. Anonymous
    23 January 2014 / 17:03

    im havin 1 of those wraps… and saving it for a windy day!!! indecent is one of the few things i do well…. :-p i think u no where im goin… lol Rach xx

  7. Paula Christiansen
    25 January 2014 / 22:09

    Ooh I love these dresses on you! My favourite is the Geo Print one that you kept so I think you made the right decision there. I love Pink Clove soooooo much, they make such nice plus sized clothes x

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