Excite Clothing Aztec Printed Short Sleeve Midi Dress 18

Back in the summer last year I was given a dress by the wonderful Georgina from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust. She had been sent some dresses by Excite Clothing and somehow she had ended up with two that were the same, so she very kindly passed the spare one on to me.

It was the ‘Aztec’ version of the Excite Clothing Printed Short Sleeve Midi Dress (just £12.99, UK sizes 16-28):

Image courtesy of Excite Clothing

The dress was a size 18 and I must admit I was dubious as to how it might fit as this is larger than I’d usually go for in a bodycon but I gave it a try anyway. I am pleased to say I was delighted with the results…

The dress fitted me really well! It’s made from a very thin jersey-like material and because it is 95% viscose and 5% spandex it is super stretchy and fits my curves nicely.

There is great boob room in this dress. For reference, I am wearing my Ewa Michalak PL Czerwona Panterka Bra 30KK 65KK in these photos. The jersey material is very thin so you can see a hint of the redness of this bra in some of the pictures so like Georgina found it’s definitely worth being careful which bra is worn underneath this dress! But it’s clear that the fabric is not stretched or strained over my bust and instead the dress fits very well across my boobs and fortunately is not baggy at the back as a consequence.

I really love the scooped neckline of this dress. It is feminine and flattering on a larger bust but it is not overly low cut so it is ideal for workwear or for other occasions when showing oodles of cleavage would not be appropriate.

For me, the length of this dress is spot on. I like my knees to be covered and this does that and then some! The only downside of wearing longer dresses is that it can make my legs look shorter but a pair of killer heels soon solves that issue.

Short sleeves are perfect for summer months and these fit my arms very comfortably without rolling up or cutting in. They also stay in place when I put on a cardigan or a jacket, which isn’t always the case with sleeves.

The pattern of the Aztec Printed Short Sleeve Midi Dress is great! The tribal design is bang on trend and I love the monochrome print. It means I can really go to town with wearing colourful accessories, a shrug, heels, or even tights! Most clothing items I wear are fairly colourful so it makes a nice change to have something more muted that I can brighten up or not as I choose.

I was overall very pleased with the size 18 and I don’t think I would size down in future. The thin material would be stretched in places on me if I sized down to the 16 so I don’t think it’s worth it. Plus, if I want the dress to be more cinched, I can always add a belt…

I am wearing my much-loved Forever 21 belt here and its triangular panels work well with the pattern of the dress. It pulls the dress in that little bit more to show my waist and accentuate my curves. Again, because the dress is monochrome it would work well with coloured belts to add a splash of colour.

I wore this dress on a shopping trip with friends back in the summer and I found it cool and comfortable. The thin material is not really suitable for colder months on its own but the dress could be layered up with a long-sleeved top and leggings underneath, as well as a shrug or jacket over the top.

The Excite Clothing Printed Short Sleeve Midi Dress comes in a range of prints as part of Excite’s plus size dress range. Here are a couple of my personal favourites:

Image courtesy of Excite Clothing

The Neon Animal Printed Short Sleeve Midi Dress is utterly amazing! I have seen a few promo pics of it around and it’s just stunning. Ok, so it’s no shrinking violet, but I would absolutely adore having one of these babies to wear when I felt like being loud and proud.

Image courtesy of Excite Clothing

I love the print of the Vivid Aztec Printed Short Sleeve Midi Dress and the fact it has a bluey/teal in it makes it even more gorgeous in my eyes! George reviewed this one and found it to be a slightly different cut than the Aztec dress – it had a higher neckline and came up a little shorter in length.

Image courtesy of Excite Clothing

It’s a classic – every woman should have a leopard print dress in their wardrobe and this one is a real beaut. Assuming it fits the same as the Aztec dress, I think the Animal Printed Short Sleeve Midi Dress is a real winner.

Remember that all these dresses are just £12.99 each, so they are great value for money. UK delivery is only £3.49 but if your order is £50 or more then delivery is free! For those of you outside the UK, Excite Clothing deliver internationally so you can enjoy this fab clothing, too.

Excite Clothing makes some superb garments for plus size ladies in UK sizes 16-28. It’s fast fashion at an affordable price – and don’t forget to check out their fabulous shrugs whilst you’re on the website!



  1. Anonymous
    17 January 2014 / 00:53

    Another great dress on you! Honestly girl, do you ever look bad??? I really wanted to buy one of these dresses but they are sold out. Any idea if they are going to be restocked any time soon? Jana x

  2. Emelianarama
    17 January 2014 / 15:41

    I have two of the dresses you mentioned here and I LOVE them. I wear them all the time and yes they are a bit thin for winter but like you said they are easy to layer up. I wear my leopard print one with a long sleeve polo neck underneath and it looks really good if I do say so myself. I wish I had got the pink/blue animal one though and I regret not buying it every time I see a photo of it. It would look perfect on you. Well done to Excite Clothing for leading the way with cheap plus size fashion xxx

  3. AJ
    17 January 2014 / 16:18

    I know wat you mean about dresses being abit long sometimes. I am only 5 foot so I find it alot!!! But I tihnk just over the knee is fine like this dress is on you. If it was longer I would say it was too long. I like this print alot and if the dress was instock I would be buying lot's of them :o/

  4. Paula Christiansen
    17 January 2014 / 23:35

    This dress is so simple but it work's so well on you. I love it. Just goes to show that it's worth trying all sort's of style's and size's as you never know what will work and look good. Like other's have said it is a shame these dress's are sold out.

  5. Paula Christiansen
    18 January 2014 / 00:18

    I wondered if it is possible to dye a dress like this? It would look great with a teal dye! Any advice? x

  6. Poppy
    18 January 2014 / 02:40

    As a plus sized woman I never used to wear bodycon dresses as I was told they weren't flattering on a fuller figure. Then after seeing you and George in this shape of dress I decided to try one anyway and I was in love with my reflection for the first time in years. I am larger and more lumpy and bumpy than you but I still have a defined waist and good boobs. Dresses like this work for me because they do not add extra bulk or frills or volume. I wish this dress was still in stock but I will be keeping an eye on the Excite Clothing website incase they restock it in the future. Thank you for your review and for helping us plus size ladies realize our potential.

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