BiuBiu Venice Top Teal 40 BB/BBB

Just before Christmas 2013 I placed an order with Polish bust-friendly brand BiuBiu. As well as ordering dresses, I also went for a few tops after seeing how wonderfully well they have worked for other bloggers such as Fuller Figure Fuller Bust, A Sophisticated Pair and Voluptuously Thin.

The first top I tried on from my order was the BiuBiu Venice Top in Teal (£12.83).


Image courtesy of BiuBiu

I am sure you will understand how taken I was with the gorgeous colour of this top and I am delighted to report that it was not at all disappointing in reality. I ordered the top in size 40 BB/BBB (the more Bs, the more bust friendly the garment is!) as I had previously tried BiuBiu items in 42 BB/BBB and found them a little roomy.

I can honestly say that this is the best fitting top I have ever tried. It is not completely perfect but it’s pretty darned close! I have gained a few pounds lately but the Venice still manages to hug my curves and show my figure off beautifully. I am wearing the top with a size 16 black pencil skirt from Primark, a pair of XL Primark 80 denier tights and my patent black killer heels from Internacionale. A top as versatile as this can be worn with jeans, smart trousers, flared skirts…pretty much anything! And because it’s a plain colour it works brilliantly with either plain garments or patterns. What more could you possibly want from a top for less than £13?

The Venice top is made from a very soft 96% cotton 4% elastane fabric that stretches to fit your shape. It is light enough to be ideal for summer but thick enough to be a useful layer under a cardigan or jumper in the winter. I wore this top the other day when I was sorting out my spare room and I got quite hot because the central heating was on but thankfully the top helped prevent me from overheating. The short sleeves are ideal for warm weather and they help to make the top perfectly appropriate for work or casual occasions.

I absolutely adore the colour of my teal Venice top. I had to adjust the exposure of my photos because the natural lighting is so bad at this time of year so the colour looks a little bluer here than it actually is, but I do think the BiuBiu stock photo makes it too green. So the actual hue is somewhere between the two – the perfect teal!

The length of the Venice is pretty good but I think I would have preferred it to be an inch or so longer. My boobs take up quite a lot of space in the top and therefore some of the length is lost, and this is why I wish BiuBiu’s stretchy items weren’t dual-sized. If it existed, I reckon a 40 BBB Venice would be spot on as there would be more boob room/length and therefore the top would be a bit longer overall.

Length aside, the boob room on this top is really great. There is plenty of room for my 46″ bust in the 40 BB/BBB and the wide ‘horseshoe’ neckline is modest enough to reveal only the very slightest hint of cleavage. For reference I am wearing my Ewa Michalak S Szykuś Bra 32KK/70KK in these photos and as you can see there is not even a smidgeon of my bra showing. I wore my Ewa Michalak SM Margot Bra 32KK/70KK with the top when I was clearing out the spare room and I had to keep a very close eye on the neckline because that bra had a tendency to peek out and show itself, but it is more of a full coverage style on me so I guess that’s only to be expected.

I am not sure how clearly you can see them from my badly lit photos but the Venice top has vertical seams down the front that are intended to create an optical illusion to slim the torso. I hadn’t realised this when I bought the top; I noticed them when I tried it on but assumed they were simply to allow more room for boobs. I only found out about their intended purpose when I read up more carefully about the top on the BiuBiu website and on other blogs.

The size 40 BB/BBB fits me very well overall and as you can see there are no wrinkles or any bunched fabric where the fit is off. It almost feels like a made to measure garment! However it is very form-fitting so I think for comfort and a more casual fit I think I would prefer the top in a size 42 BB/BBB. So my advice on sizing would be to size up for a looser fit but stay as you usually are for a very fitted but flattering look.

I really think that a well-fitting top is a wardrobe item that is hugely underrated and it’s not something that’s easy for busty women to find. However, thanks to BiuBiu we have a brilliant option in the Venice and I can only hope it will continue to be made in a wide variety of colours and prints.



  1. Anonymous
    14 January 2014 / 15:28

    Is this top heavy material or thin and clingy?

    • Curvy Wordy
      14 January 2014 / 17:32

      Hi there, I think I explained it above: "The Venice top is made from a very soft 96% cotton 4% elastane fabric that stretches to fit your shape. It is light enough to be ideal for summer but thick enough to be a useful layer under a cardigan or jumper in the winter." Hope that helps 🙂

  2. Anonymous
    14 January 2014 / 15:29

    Also, how long did it take to actually get your order?

    • Curvy Wordy
      14 January 2014 / 17:45

      It was amazingly quick. I placed the order on the evening of 17th Dec and if I recall correctly it arrived on 23rd Dec. That would be pretty good for a British company but for delivery to the UK from Poland it's fantastic 🙂

  3. Anonymous
    14 January 2014 / 18:38

    Thank you so much for reviewing this! I have been thinking of ordering a Venice top myself, but I was concerned that it would come up too short, as I have a long torso. I appreciate your honest comments about every item you I love teal as well!

  4. Anonymous
    14 January 2014 / 20:41

    bargin!! there dusnt seem any vbl,, is this so? do they do a fire engine red? thats my fave x Rach x

  5. Paula Christiansen
    17 January 2014 / 23:37

    What a beautiful colour this top is! I have a Biubiu Vienna dress and I love it so you may have just tempted me to try the Venice top's also.

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