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You may have noticed I’ve been giving peplum dresses a try lately (you can use the search box on the right to find all my peplum reviews on here if wished).  Peplums are something that until recently I thought were only for women with smaller hips but after trying a few different styles of peplums I must admit that I am quite the fan!

The one thing I hadn’t found before was a peplum dress with a v-neck.  I’d seen heaps of peplum dresses with a high neck, a round neck or a slight scoop neck, but nothing at all with a crossover or v-neck.

You can imagine how thrilled I was when I spotted the Julia Peplum Ponte Dress on the F&F Clothing at Tesco website.  

Image courtesy of F&F Clothing

I initially thought the above dress was black but I spotted from the item description that it is in fact navy.  Brilliant! I already have heaps of black dresses in my wardrobe so navy would be a welcome change.

Image courtesy of F&F Clothing

And this dress is described as red, but it looks rather orangey from the stock photo on the website.

I added both dresses to my basket in a size 14.

The navy dress was a lovely colour.  It was a gorgeously deep shade of navy and it suited my blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin perfectly.

It turned out that the red dress was indeed rather orangey, as the stock photo showed.  However I quite liked it!

The ponte fabric of these dresses was lovely.  It was soft and stretchy and felt lovely on my skin.  It seemed like the kind of material that wouldn’t need regular ironing and so would wash and wear really well.  Being 98% polyester and 2% elastane it has enough stretch to allow for a great fit but still retain its original shape.

What I particularly liked about the skirt is that it did not have a split. All too often those splits go up way too high and can run the risk of showing people glimpses of one’s underwear but fortunately this would never be the case with this dress.

I love the fact that this dress could easily be worn for work, by adding a blazer or smart cardigan, or for a night out, by adding some appropriate accessories such as a chunky necklace and some sparkly heels.  Not all dresses can be versatile like this one!

The dress has a hidden lining that is designed to smooth one’s lumps and bumps.  The lining is 95% nylon and 5% elastane so it’s really comfortable and just feels like part of the dress itself.  The skirt lining is really long and is almost as long as the dress itself so there’s so chance of any tell-tale lines underneath the dress.

However, there were also a couple of problems with these two dresses.  You’ve guessed it – there was a significant lack of boob room.  I fully appreciate that most clothing is not cut for proportions like mine but it makes me sad when dresses like this leave me with the decision of either wearing a camisole or vest underneath or ordering a much larger size and therefore compromising on fit on the bottom half of the dress.

I also found the waist was too baggy.  I think this is partly down to the design of the dress, as seen from the two stock photos at the top of the page.  I think the crossover bust is intended to be ruched somewhat (I can only assume in order to disguise one’s tummy) but unless you fit the dimensions of this dress perfectly it doesn’t look quite right and instead creates excess material at the point you’d least want it: on the waist, which is usually one of the smallest parts of a woman’s body so the intention would usually be to highlight it, not swathe it in more fabric.

Naturally, I tried adding a belt to see if this would solve the problem.

The belt definitely helps to cinch in the waist and flare out the peplum a little more than before.  However it also causes the bust area to be even more indecent – I’d definitely need a vest underneath now!

Ultimately the lack of boob room and excess fabric at the waist of the Julia Peplum Ponte Dress meant that these two weren’t keepers so they have been returned.  It’s a great pity as I loved the cut of them but unfortunately I do require my boobs to be covered, even if a belt can partially solve the waist problem.

Have you found a v-neck peplum dress that works for you?



  1. ~Mem
    5 March 2013 / 00:45

    I love your style!! I've followed your posts on facebook for a while, but recently started reading your blog! Don't change a thing! Your attitude & your humour & honesty is wonderful! Loving your taste in clothes, which is making me rethink my shapeless attire! I am seriously thinking I need to embrace my own voluptuous figure & start highlighting, instead of hiding, my own curves!! Thank you so much! ~Mem x x

  2. Mrs D.
    5 March 2013 / 08:34

    This looks amazing on you, especially the navy! xx

  3. Shelley Jessup
    19 March 2013 / 02:53

    They look great! I keep giving them ago but just find that they nothing for me at all, well no actually they make me look bigger! Boo 🙁

  4. Ramzan Ali
    17 January 2014 / 09:38

    I really like that dress! and I really like Zooey Deschanel's set of outfits and design on New Lady. I often wish I could clothing like her all-time (I think I could, I just seem to have problems discovering the right items at cost-effective prices). And yes, you have her look going on in this image 🙂 cute!

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