Simply Be Viva La Diva T-Bar Sandals EEE Fit

First of all I must apologise for not having posted for a couple of weeks.  Things got really hectic with My Blog’s First Birthday Giveaway, as well as with work and my personal life, which has meant that I needed to take a break for a little while.  Thank you for bearing with me – normal service will now resume 🙂

Back in the summer, I was on the lookout for a dazzling outfit to wear to a posh do I had to attend with work.  Not only did I need a frock, but also shoes to match.  It’s always a bit of a quandary with an outfit – is it best to pick the shoes first or the dress?  I daresay the majority of people would say the dress, but for me it can often be best to start with the shoes.  

The reason for this is that I have VERY difficult feet.  Here are my main issues:

  • My feet are extremely wide but relatively small – a size 4 in measurement but often I have to size up one or two sizes in order to get the width I need.  This means that shoes often rub and cause me all sorts of problems.
  • The soles of my feet are very sensitive and therefore I need footwear with a fairly thick sole as otherwise I feel every single lump, bump and stone underfoot as I walk around.  I often get blisters or sore patches on the soles of my feet.
  • The bone of my big toe joints is larger than average so shoes that cut in across the toe (such as ballet pumps and regular court shoes) can be incredibly painful to wear.
  • I have a high instep which means that I can rarely wear slip-on shoes without some kind of strap as they simply fall off my feet when I walk.

Phew!  I appreciate that it’s quite a long list but these are issues I have to consider every time I buy footwear.

I often buy shoes and sandals from Simply Be as they have an incredibly extensive range of wide fit and even extra wide fit footwear on offer.  They very kindly agreed to send me a couple of pairs of sandals to wear for my special event back in the summer, and I am delighted to be reviewing the first pair here.

I decided to go for the Viva La Diva T-Bar Sandals as they looked perfect for a posh do.

When the sandals arrived, I wondered if I had made a mistake ordering them.  The stiletto heel, although not very high, felt rather thin and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to walk in them. Fortunately, I persevered and it wasn’t long before I felt very happy prancing around the house in my new footwear.

(Apologies for the quality of some of these pictures – it’s very difficult to get photos of your feet in shoes when you take the photos yourself!)

I really love these sandals!  They are size 5EEE, which means they are much wider than regular high street shoes and therefore they do not rub.  I possibly could have gone for a 4EEE but, as is often the case, I am between shoe sizes and a 4.5 would be ideal.  Unfortunately this is not an available option so a slightly too big 5 is better than a slightly too small 4.

The heel is pretty low at only 2.5 inches (6.3cm), and the sole is very flexible, making for a really comfy pair of sandals which can be worn for hours on end.  

The sandals are made from man-made materials and I love how shiny the patent straps are.  The four jewels down the front of the sandals add to the glamorous look and give a bit of extra sparkle and shine.

If you like these sandals as much as I do, you might like to know that they are also available in E fit, which is slightly less wide than EEE, and in purple on the Simply Be website.



  1. Anonymous
    27 October 2012 / 22:12

    Probably good you didn't go with the 4. To me the 5 looks a bit too small already. Maybe because of how you had to stand to take the pictures.

    • Curvy Wordy
      29 October 2012 / 18:24

      Hmm I wonder if it's because of how my wide feet contrast with the kitten heel. Oh well – the 5EEE was definitely a little on the big side, regardless of how it may appear in the photos 😉

  2. Anonymous
    4 November 2012 / 12:25

    I like these sandals alot. Do the straps dig in or are the sandals wide enough for that not to happen? Great review by the way xxx

    • Curvy Wordy
      4 November 2012 / 12:33

      Hi there. I am pleased to report that the straps don't dig in as the sandals are very roomy. Definitely a great example of wide-fitting shoes 🙂

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