Ewa Michalak CHP Groszki i Róże Bra

A little while ago, Ewa Michalak brought out a new range of bras in gorgeous Easter colourways. One of these was the CHP Groszki i Róże, which literally translates as ‘Peas and Roses’ – so cute!

CHP Groszki i Róże

Image courtesy of Ewa Michalak

I was interested to give this one a try because it was the new CHP style: a cross between CH (which separates the breasts and pushes them forwards for maximum projection) and the HP (which separates the breasts and pushes them to the chest for maximum push up). I have previously found that the HP style does not work so well for me as it had somewhat of a slight minimising effect and the cups were shallower than other styles; however I was hopeful that the CHP would bring the benefits of both styles together into a perfect bra!

As this style is limited to the sizes it can work for, I ordered it in the largest cup size available in a 32 band – a 32/70J.  The last Ewas I tried were plunges in 32K and these are a pretty good fit, although I suspect a 30KK or possibly L would be ideal for me.

Considering this bra is supposedly two or three cup sizes too small for me, it’s actually not a bad fit!  The angle shot shows that the bra cuts into my breast tissue a little but really it’s not bad at all.

Like the vast majority of Ewa Michalak bras, it is just so, so pretty in real life.  It’s a gorgeous spearmint green colour (far more green than either my pics or the stock photos show), with lightly padded cups which are covered with a microfibre outer and cotton inner.  The tops of the cups are edged in a very pretty embroidered flower design and there is a big ribbon bow on the central gore.

The straps are halfway adjustable and are the style that I am not a fan of – the front half is covered elastic and the back half is regular strap material.  However on this bra I would say it’s a good thing they are this style because the material used for the back half of the straps is really quite flimsy so if the entire strap was made of this it would curl within moments! Additionally, I am sorry to report that the back half of the straps has no embroidery or embellishment so they slip/lengthen as I put them on – very frustrating!  In time I will need to shorten them as they are too long for me, and I may try to do something about the slipping issue.  The good news is that they have circular connectors which are far more comfortable than their oval counterparts – hurray!

The band has three rows of just two hooks.  My preference would definitely be for three hooks instead but having worn this bra it gave good support with just the two.  I think I am just far too used to having three hooks and so it feels strange wearing a bra with fewer!

I found the band on this bra was pretty loose and I would have liked to try a 30/65JJ for comparison.

The wires on the CHPs come up higher under my arms than the PLs, but not so much that it’s uncomfortable.

As my breasts are heavy, my preference would be for the straps to be placed in a slightly less wide position in order to give better uplift and support.  Saying this, I appreciate that officially I should not be wearing this bra as it’s not made for boobs as large and heavy as mine, so if you fall within the sizing for this style I am sure it will be perfect for you!

The spearmint green colour is not something I would have normally gone for but actually I really love it!  It’s so different and looks great against tanned skin.  I am not sure how flattering it would be on paler complexions but the pretty embroidery sets off the colour very well indeed.

This bra feels flimsier than previous EMs I’ve tried and I hope this is not the start of the company moving away from their extremely strong and well-constructed bras.  That said, the lighter padding will be a godsend to those who don’t want the extra bulk a padded bra can sometimes give under clothing.

Having wide-set straps means that this bra is perfect for broad necklines.  It doesn’t give the WOW cleavage of the PL style bras but it still makes my boobs look amazing.  The higher central gore is ideal for those with softer breasts as it helps to hold everything in place.

So, if you have ever fancied giving a spearmint green bra a try, I think this could be a great option for you!



  1. Anonymous
    19 July 2012 / 21:40

    You are most certainly right about the color. It was my thought as well that it looks great on tanned skin. I think other than the fit being slightly off, it looks really good on. Personally, my only concern would be the fact that the wires don't go very far back and would cut into my breast tissue. Although, you don't seem to have that problem. either way, great post! It's a lovely and very thorough review.

    • CurvyWordy
      19 July 2012 / 22:46

      Thanks so much for your comment and kind words.You're right that the wires are not very wide but have you tried Ewa Michalak bras before and had success? If so then the wires on this are no narrower than the PLs, CHs and HPs, but they are taller than the PLs. My boobs are very 'up front' so this brand suits me more than any other – so much so that I struggle to be completely happy with the fit of other brands. Those with wider set breasts which are more on the sides may find the EM wires too narrow.

    • Anonymous
      20 July 2012 / 00:07

      I actually have never tried Ewa. I was looking for a style that would benefit my growing breasts as I have passed a 28J and need molded cups rather than the mesh ones. My breasts aren't very wide-set, they just come out from the side and push outward. (another thing, I'm also IzzyLawliet from twitter, we were talking about Ewa bras a while ago)

    • CurvyWordy
      20 July 2012 / 00:43

      Hi Izzy! Glad you saw this post right away as I had been wondering if I should tag you.I honestly think every woman should give EM a try and see how they get on. These bras have literally changed my life and I could not imagine not being able to wear them. They are so reasonably priced that even with shipping costs they are usually cheaper than buying bras elsewhere online or instore, and if they don't fit then they are easy as pie to resell.

    • Anonymous
      20 July 2012 / 01:21

      Yes, I was waiting for it eagerly! I'm thinking I'll get either this or a CH. I'm certainly planning on purchasing a couple in 28JJ/K as soon as I can and I'm crossing my fingers that I'll fit perfectly in it.

    • CurvyWordy
      20 July 2012 / 01:25

      I've got a review of the CHP Kurczak coming very soon – another fab bra by EM.

  2. Lilybobombslovelylumps.com
    19 July 2012 / 21:46

    This bra is beautiful and it looks amazing with your skin tone. X x

    • CurvyWordy
      19 July 2012 / 22:42

      Thank you my lovely xx

  3. Patricia
    20 July 2012 / 07:14

    I just ordered this set 2 days ago and I can't wait for it to arrive! I'm glad to hear that it's more green than it appears in the pictures as I feel this will compliment my skin tone better. I hope that it looks just as fantastic on me as it does on you!

    • CurvyWordy
      20 July 2012 / 14:07

      Ooh how exciting Patricia! Do let me know how you get on with it 🙂

  4. Emily Jane Carpenter
    21 July 2012 / 15:28

    Do you think the PL and CHP bras run bigger or smaller in the cup than the CH and HP bras? I've been told to go up a cup size in the PL styles?Looks fabulous on you, as always!- Ejay

    • CurvyWordy
      21 July 2012 / 18:53

      Hi Ejay, thanks for your comment and kind words :-)I am currently wearing a 32K PL (but suspect I would be better in a 30KK). This CHP was a 32J and I think – if they made it – a 30K/KK would have been best for me. So I would say you can go for the same size in PLs and CHPs. I also own CH brs in 32J and, depending on the bra as the fit can vary, I would say generally I would again want the same size as my PLs, if they made them that big. With regard to HP, it's been a while since I tried one but if I remember rightly they were a little roomier in the cup so possibly go down one cup size from the others. Please bear in mind that this is based on my own personal experiences and fit may be different for you. I would advise entering your measurements into Bratabase to see if there are any EMs listed on the site which might work for you.Hope this helps!

    • Hanna
      23 July 2012 / 18:17

      Interesting that you say the HP is roomier, I think I've also see someone say that it's shallower. Does that mean it's slightly wider than the CH as well?

    • CurvyWordy
      23 July 2012 / 20:11

      Hi Hanna, yes, the HP cups were wider and shallower than CH/CHP/PL but I found them slightly more generous than these styles. I know there are often inconsistencies with EM bra sizing and fit, sometimes even within the same style, so it can be quite tricky getting it right.

  5. Bra nightmares
    21 July 2012 / 19:30

    Great review and the bra looks great on you! As always, your review is very detailed and well written. xxx It seems that you often have problems with EM straps as well? My straps seem to curl weirdly and my PL Perelka's straps even broke! I wish they'd start using different material on the straps – Curvy Kate, for example, has excellent and sturdy straps in my opinion.I hope EM will bring new styles (and more sizes of the old ones!) after their holiday. It really seems like they haven't added any bras in the site in ages. There are just three bras in my size at the moment… 🙁

    • CurvyWordy
      21 July 2012 / 22:50

      Aww thank you so much :-)I'm so sorry to hear about your problem with the straps and in particular that some even broke on you! That's not good. I have a few bras with which I am considering replacing the straps as they just don't do the job. It's especially these ones where the front half is covered elastic – after a few wears they are about as much use as having elastic bands for straps! They are simply not good for heavier breasts. I keep toying with the idea of buying a cheap bra from somewhere and taking the straps from it to replace these ones. Not sure it would work…but I am getting to the stage where it's that or saying goodbye to some of the bras I really love :-(Re the stocking issue: I gather this is a frustration for many people. At Christmas a lot of the stock was taken off the site because they could not process orders for items which weren't already made. Since then, many large cup sizes have not been restocked, which has meant that customers have had to email Ewa every time they have wanted to know want is available in their size. I daresay that's what has lead to their backlog of emails and delay in – or sometimes complete lack of – a response. I really feel for everyone at EM because I am sure they are all working their socks off but for customers I appreciate how frustrating it is when you don't hear back. Like you say, let's hope that after their forthcoming holidays things will start to get back to normal before too long. These bras are far too pretty and magical to ignore!

  6. criss
    22 July 2012 / 11:34

    Aaah, this makes me want to order this bra now! It's gorgeous and the fit seems amazing. As for the pale/tan debate, it's not how pale you are that will determine if it looks good, but rather your skin tone. I've got yellow undertones, for example, so while I'm about as pale as it gets, the green in the bra would complement the yellow of my skin and look divine. I don't think it would look quite as good on a girl with pink pale undertones.

    • CurvyWordy
      23 July 2012 / 10:26

      Hi Criss, thanks for your comment 🙂 You're right; it really is a gorgeous bra. I like it because it is so different, like most EMs in fact! The colour issue is an interesting one but basically I would say if someone likes it they should go for it. After all, it's lingerie so it's not like the world and his wife will see it (in most cases, at least!) so if it's not quite the best colour for someone then who cares as long as they are happy with it. I am sure it would look amazing on you x

  7. HB
    23 July 2012 / 05:12

    This is so pretty! I want it!As a pale girl with pink undertones, I hope Criss is wrong about the color. Haha. I really think I might need this bra.

    • CurvyWordy
      23 July 2012 / 10:27

      Hi HB, thanks for commenting :-)I think everyone needs this bra in their life and if you like it you should go for it and not worry about whether the colour will suit you or not x

  8. Anonymous
    23 July 2012 / 10:06

    Is band size 28 returnable?

    • CurvyWordy
      23 July 2012 / 10:29

      As far as I know, yes; but this will depend on what cup size you order. If your size is not shown as available on the site, email EM and ask if they can make it for you. They should also let you know if it will be returnable or not. If it's not then I would suggest going for it anyway as you can easily resell unwanted EM bras on eBay or Bratabase, usually for or very close to full price.

  9. Anonymous
    3 October 2012 / 16:04

    I love your excellent and thorough reviews. You've convinced me to try EM bras, and I'm already on my 2nd shipment! I LOVE these bras! I have very soft, mommy breasts, and these bras give me lift and a roundness I thought was impossible. The first set I ordered, 4 bras, I returned (a bit too big in the cups) as I am trying to find my EM size. 3 of the 4 from my second order fit well, with 1 being too small (the Lilia PL). I don't want to pay to return the 1 bra. You say they're easy as pie to sell. Where do you suggest would be the best place to sell? I looked at ebay, but they had NO EMs for sale. I am contemplating ordering 4 more, I love them that much! FYI – I am a 75G, with very soft, droopy breasts, and the CHPs work the best for my shape (I tried HP, CHP, and PL – maybe this info could help someone 🙂 Thank you! Liz

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