Ewa Michalak PL Turkus/Fuksja Bras

I promised earlier in my blog that I’d write some individual reviews of the Ewa Michalak sets I’ve bought.  So, tonight I am writing the first one.

The PL Turkus looks like this on the EM website:

Image courtesy of Ewa Michalak

(Incidentally, I love this model.  She has larger boobs than all the other EM models, which is helpful as this gives us bustier girls an idea of what we might look like in the bras, and she has a great facial expression in all of her photos.  Great choice, Ewa!)

When I saw this bra on the website, I knew I simply had to have it.  Teal is one of my favourite colours (although this is more of a dark turquoise) and this set looked utterly divine.  The high-waisted knickers were also a plus point as they looked comfortable but stylish.

I ordered the bra, knickers and thong.  Hey, a girl likes to have choices 😉

The knickers have a lining over the middle part of one’s backside, but sheer black material on the sides so they are sexy without being too revealing.  They are sooooo comfortable that I almost forget I am wearing them 😉

Above is the front view of the thong.

And here is the back view.  When I placed my order I was unsure as to how comfortable the thong would be as it seemed to be made in a way where the sides might flick or roll up with wear – almost like wings.  However I needn’t have worried as they fitted perfectly and don’t move an inch.

The bra itself is amazing.  I adore how my boobs (and other people’s!) look in all Ewa Michalak bras as they are second to none at uplifting and supporting the breasts.  I feel sexy, confident and proud of my chest.

The cups are made from a sort of padded foam fabric.  Unlike some of my other EM bras, there is no outer lining or decoration over the cups, which is good as it means when I handwash the PL Turkus and Fuksja, they dry much more quickly.

With other lingerie brands, I always had trouble finding bras that didn’t poke out from the top of my clothing.  With Ewa Michalak, this is not a problem at all.  My boobs have great shape and, at last, after years of wearing bras which give me a (perhaps sometimes overly) natural shape, I have a selection of bras that make me feel amazing as they give such great uplift.

I also bought this set in fuchsia pink (PL Fuksja), which is every bit as scrumptious.

Image courtesy of Ewa Michalak


More Ewa Michalak reviews to follow soon 🙂



  1. Anonymous
    22 October 2011 / 06:04

    The cups on the Turquoise look too big for you. You have a lot of room in the cups beneath your breasts. Try situating your breasts all the way down in the cup, I think you will find some space appears at the top 🙁 Thank you though for posting a pic of you in the bra, I always like to see pics of really busty customers in the bras to see how they might look on me.

  2. CurvyWordy
    22 October 2011 / 14:32

    Hi Priscilla,Thanks for your comment.When I took these pics I'd just applied some tinted moisturiser all over my body so my boobs seemed to get stuck in the wrong place. I threw this set on just to take the pics so I'll retake them at some point to show that actually these cups are a good fit for me but thank you for your advice.My aim with this blog is to show curvier ladies what they might look like in lingerie/clothing so I am really pleased you've found it helpful 🙂

  3. CurvyWordy
    30 October 2011 / 21:23

    Photos now updated 🙂

  4. eBONYm
    15 November 2011 / 11:14

    Hi Curvy Wordy, Thanks very much for your review! I just stumbled on the Ewa Michalak site and their bras look adorable but I don't have a clue how they would fit. I currently own a Freya bra in 32H and would you know if it has a similar fit as the PL Turkus bra or other bras sold on the Ewa Michalak site? Thanks!

  5. CurvyWordy
    16 November 2011 / 00:45

    Hi, thanks so much for your kind comment :-)I used to wear a 36HH in Freya Millie and find the same size fits best in Ewa Michalak. The first EMs I kept were 36J (80J) but after a few wears and careful handwashes some of them have become a little big. I have just received some 36HHs (80HH) and although they may be fractionally too small from new, I am banking on them also stretching over time so they'll hopefully end up the perfect fit.Can't wait to write reviews on my latest purchases! If you decide to order from EM I am sure you won't regret it. Do let me know how you get on!

  6. Elaine Day
    2 January 2015 / 09:37

    it’s very sexy!

  7. Anonymous
    6 May 2015 / 23:47

    Does this allow you to avoid the "pin trick" when wearing wraparound dresses? Looks to me that there's a fighting chance, at least on the one you are wearing, and possibly more so in the one the model is wearing, it's not easy to tell unless looking at the real thing rather than a picture.Regards,this old Puffin – who has seen many bras and clothes, some that work, some that are "erm, maybe not" 😉

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