Saturday, 9 June 2018

Forever 21+ Swimwear 2018: Plus Size One-Piece Swimsuit in Walnut

Next in my series of reviews from Forever 21+'s UK 2018 swimwear collection is the Plus Size One-Piece Swimsuit in Walnut.

Image courtesy of Forever 21

I very much liked the look of this swimsuit, so I was excited to try it. I ordered it in a 0X, which is labelled as a UK 18 but I would say it comes up more like a UK 14/16.

I absolutely loved the colour - it's not a vibrant, bright, or jewel tone, but instead a really stylish and chic dark beige hue.

I also really liked the mesh panels and the cut-outs - really different and unique. It's not often you find plus size swimwear options like this so I applaud Forever 21 for having different swimsuits in their collection.

The back is also really interesting - the ties are eye-catching and allow for a flexible fit. They're really comfortable and look great.

Butt coverage is really good on this swimsuit. It's not too high cut and it sits in just the right place.

So...I've been picking out all the good points of this swimsuit, and now it's time to mention the issues. Well, the one issue. But it's a pretty significant one...

Boob room. Or SERIOUS lack thereof. Yikes, this swimming costume is almost hazardous for me to wear - I am literally a deep breath away from a significant wardrobe malfunction.

It's such a shame - the sides of the swimsuit are simply cut too deeply so there isn't sufficient coverage for my 34LL boobs. This would not be solved by sizing up as the issue is with the cut much more than with the size. This costume would work on someone of a much smaller cup size, and if that's you I would recommend giving it a try as if it weren't for the lack of boob room I would have seriously considered keeping this one.

This swimsuit is an absolute bargain - it was £25 but it's now just £12.99 so grab yourself a bargain and buy it here.


  1. Wowee the colour of this one is great! I'm ginger and I struggle with my hair clashing with some colours, but I think this would be ideal for me. I am going to order it next pay day - I just hope they don't sell out!!

  2. I have been hoping you would review this one as I saw it on the site a few days ago and wondered how it would fit. I'm a 34F so I think I am going to give it a try as I love the colour and the way the back is done. So unusual! Thanks for your reviews, please know that they do help me even when things don't fit you (I noticed some woman throwing shade on your last post, questioning why you keep posting things that don't fit. Ignore her, she is probably just jealous!!!! And anyway it's your blog so you can post whatever the hell you want). Your blog is the best xxx

  3. I would never of considered this based on the website photo’s but having seen it on you I’m convinced. Even though it doesn’t fit properly it still looks great. I’m a couple of dress sizes bigger than you but my boobs are a lot smaller so I think it might be ok on me. I’m willing to give it a try anyway as like you said you can’t get swimwear like this in plus sizes anywhere else.

  4. Such a nice swimming costume. I understand you not keeping it though, it looks very hazardous 🤣 I love your reviews, so useful. I’ve followed you on social media for ages and it’s great to see you doing actual blog posts again. You’re a true inspiration ❤️
    Chloe x


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