Thursday, 7 June 2018

Forever 21+ Swimwear 2018: Plus Size Triangle Bikini Top and High-Cut Bikini Bottoms in Red

I am reviewing as many pieces as possible from Forever 21+'s UK 2018 swimwear collection. These reviews are short and sweet, but nonetheless I hope useful.

Today's review is of the Plus Size Triangle Bikini Top and High-Cut Bikini Bottoms in Red.

Photo courtesy of Forever 21

The bottoms I am reviewing are not the ones seen in the stock photo above; as far as I am aware these have never been listed on the F21 website. Instead, I am reviewing a pair that are similar but have a higher cut leg.

I ordered this set in a 1X, which is labelled as a UK 20. I'd say that a 1X comes up as more like a UK 16 in this bikini.

The red is a beautiful hue - like a bright tomato red. Perfect for sunny holidays!

The top is essentially a cami or a crop top - it has no underwires or formal support. However, due to its design it doesn't do a bad job of holding up my boobs, even if space in the top is lacking for me. The shoulder straps are fully adjustable, which helps with giving the top a decent amount of support.

The back band has no fastening so to get this top on and off it must be pulled over one's head (or I suppose stepped into, but that's not an option with my generous hips!). I like the fact there's no clasp or fastening to fiddle around with, and the smooth appearance of the back looks good.

The bikini bottoms are very comfortable indeed. They are cut to cover but not too much, so you won't get a wedgie but more of your cheeks will be on show than with many other brands. The rise at the front is good, too, coming up to an inch or two below the belly button on me.

I did get quadboob with this top due to the lack of boob room, and as you can see in several of my pictures my breasts are spilling out at the sides. Not a look I aim for in swimwear, but it's something I experience all too often as I currently wear a 32M bra so non bra sized items like this are much less likely to fit properly.

It's such a pity the top wasn't roomy enough for my boobs, otherwise I would have definitely kept this bikini. It's plain and simple but it looks great and was really comfy to wear. I highly recommend it to anyone who isn't quite as busty as me.

If you want to buy this bikini you can get the top here for just £18 and the bottoms for only £11.20 (was £16) here.


  1. I have been looking everywhere for a simple bikini, this is perfect! I love the colour too! Thanks for your help xxx

    1. Aww no worries - so glad I could be of help to you :-)

  2. After reading all your Forever21+ reviews I find myself wondering why you are so persistent. Not one of them seems to work on a larger bust, which is what I concluded many years ago when I gave up on regular swimsuits and switched to bra-sized swimwear. I am just curious what motivates you to try so many suits that aren't made for a larger chest! For me it would be an exercise in frustration.

    I don't mean to be critical, since you're clearly having fun, I'm just wondering what makes you want to try so many swimsuits that can't be expected to fit!

    1. It’s a fair question! In previous years I’ve been able to find at least a couple of pieces per F21+ collection that were ok for me, but it is looking like this year the choices for those with extra big boobs are much more limited. However, I’m posting these reviews in the hope my try-ons will help others as quite often they will work for someone just a few cup sizes smaller than me. Hope that makes sense.

    2. Thanks for the answer. I can't imagine these working on me, at GG, but I suppose that's because I have very low tolerance for fit problems. I'd rather buy a bra-size suit and wear it until it falls apart (5-10 years) or stops fitting, instead of a fashion suit. I do enjoy reading your reviews, but the whole concept of Forever21+ swimsuit reviews was kind of a mystery to me!

    3. You don’t say your back size, so I don’t know your actual bra size, but I daresay some of these pieces might actually fit better than you imagine. I’m around a 34LL and although they haven’t fitted me in the bust they would definitely work for someone just a few cup sizes smaller.
      Some people don’t have the money to invest in bra sized swimwear, or they simply want something more fun and exciting, hence I review a range of options and people can pay attention or ignore them as they wish.


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