Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Forever 21+ Swimwear 2018: Plus Size Tie-Front Bikini in Blush

I'm continuing with my whistle-stop tour of Forever 21+'s UK 2018 swimwear collection. Today's post features the Plus Size Tie-Front Bikini Top and High-Leg Bikini Bottoms in Blush.

Image courtesy of Forever 21

The beautiful pale pink hue looked lovely on my iPad screen when I placed my order but I was dubious as to what it would look like in real life against my milky complexion. I ordered both pieces in a 1X, which is labelled as a UK 20 but I would say it's more like a UK 16 in this set.

Answer: it looked chuffing great!

I'd normally shy away from pale pink as I thought it wasn't 'my' colour...but look how wrong I was. Lesson learnt!

The bikini top has no underwires or boob shelf, so the only breast support is the tie-front (fully functional) and of course the shoulder straps. The cups have removable pads for modesty and I still have them in place in these pictures, which is very unusual for me as I normally whip them out straight away because they move and/or fold over and annoy me!

I found the top very comfortable. You put it on like a cardigan - obviously undoing the front tie first! - and then tie up the front as tightly as you wish. As you can see from my photo below there is no fastening or clasp on the back, which makes a nice change, even if it does mean less support is provided by the band of the bikini top.

I felt that although the bikini bottoms fit me well and gave me sufficient coverage both front and back, I would have preferred a size up to feel fully comfortable. So in my opinion these bottoms run a touch on the small side. My advice: size up one.

Naturally, I had my ongoing issue of not having enough room in the top for my boobs, but that's because I am a rather unusual shape. My underbust is significantly smaller than my boobs (I'm a 34LL), and so I often struggle to find non-cup sized swimwear or lingerie that fits me acceptably well. Sometimes I can make things work with a little adjusting and compromise, and this top falls into that very category. I think it's because of the tie front as I can adjust it to suit me. It's far from a perfect fit, but it's good enough for me to wear for sunbathing.

I just love the retro glamorous vibe of this swimsuit. It's so much fun!

Sadly as I am currently out of work I was not in a position to keep this bikini. But I will definitely be keeping an eye out for it once I've got myself a job. It's so pretty and I can only imagine how awesome it would look with a tan or on naturally darker skintones.

If you'd like to buy this bikini for yourself you can get the top here for £18 and the bottoms - now reduced - here for £11.20.


  1. I really hope you get to buy this one in the end as it looks incredible on you. Meanwhile I am off to snag one for myself. Thanks for the useful review :o)

  2. Shut the front door you are going to bankrupt me hahaha! I have loved all your reviews so far but this is my favourite to date. I am mixed race and have darker skin than you but I am hoping the pink blush colour will give a great contrast. I have ordered one to try and I can't wait to see it on!

    1. Oops...sorry not sorry 😉 I truly think this will look absolutely stunning on darker skin.

  3. Well you just totally convinced me to buy this for my holiday in October. I am going to Jamaica and this will be perfect for lounging by the pool. Love it!
    Hollie x

    1. I’m totally envious that you’re going to Jamaica, but it’s good to know you’ll be soaking up the sun in this fab number 😎

  4. I would of never bought this based on the photo’s on the website but seeing how good it looks on you I’m 100% convinced!!! Looks great on someone busty.

    1. Ah thanks Emma. That’s why blogs and social media are so important - we can see items on a range of different bodies, giving us a more accurate idea of what they might look like on us and therefore making it more likely that we’ll buy things. It’s all good!


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