Thursday, 17 May 2018

Forever 21+ Swimwear 2018: Plus Size Red Ribbed Tie-Front Bikini Top and Side-Tie Bikini Bottoms

Next in my series of reviews of swimwear from Forever 21+ is the Plus Size Ribbed Tie-Front Bikini Top and Side-Tie Bikini Bottoms.

Image courtesy of Forever 21

I loved the look of the ties on this one when I saw it on the website - so cute! I tried both the top and the bottoms in a 1X, which is labelled as a UK size 20 but in my opinion it's more like a UK 16.

To put the bikini top on you put your arms into the armholes and then fasten the top at the front with the tie. The tie effect is fully functional so you can wear it as tightly or as loosely as you wish. The top is smooth on the back with no clasp or any other features.

The bikini top does not have any underwires, hidden support or side boning. 

This bikini is made from soft, ribbed, jersey-like fabric. It's quite different from most other bikinis and swimsuits I have tried. The ribbed fabric shows up much better in real life than in these photos, but you can see it more clearly in the above picture.

The ties on the bottoms are for aesthetic purposes only and cannot be adjusted.

I like the rise height of the bikini bottoms as they are high enough to feel comfortable but low enough to ensure my tummy gets to see some daylight.

The 1X was a good fit for me overall but as usual there isn't enough boob room for my ample breasts. The fit on the bottoms was spot on.

After taking these pictures and seeing how well the bikini suited me I did reorder the top in a 2X and even a 3X but it still had insufficient depth for my boobs, sadly. I had major quadboob going on in all three of the sizes I tried.

From the back the briefs have good butt coverage but are also cut to maximise skin exposure. I didn't get a wedgie or feel like I had to keep adjusting them so I would say they are true to size.

Something about this bikini makes me so joyful - maybe it's the bright tomato red colour, or perhaps it's the cute ties. Whatever it is, I love it!

I was so sad that I couldn't get this bikini to work for me. Forever 21+, please, PLEASE make more boob room in your bikini tops because I would have loved to keep this one.

Despite my own fit issues, I would still highly recommend this bikini for anyone who is less busty than me. It has a great look and is bound to be a head-turner on the beach or by the pool.

What do you think of this bikini? Let me know in the comments.


  1. I have been eyeing this up on the website wondering if it would look good on me. Wow it looks SO GOOD on you, you have tempted me to try it! Placing my order as soon as I get paid. Thanks for the useful details you include in all your posts XX

    1. No problem at all - thanks for your kind words! I hope you love this bikini as much as I did :-)

  2. Seriously woman this is FIRE on you!!!!!!! And its another swimsuit that I NEEEEEED. I think I need to remortgage my house in order to buy all this fabulous swimwear you keep sharing with us <3

    1. Haha, sorry not sorry! I suppose the upshot is that F21's swimwear isn't overly expensive so it could be much worse ;-)

  3. Reading this post makes me feel a mixture of happiness and sadness. I am happy that it looks so incredible on you but I am sad that it doesn't fit properly. Honestly these brands need to up their fitting game, it's really not good enough that they don't cater for more bust sizes. I am a bit less busty than you and have a few F21+ swimming costumes that I love but they need to make them more accessible to others. Here's hoping they soon sort out their sizing! Btw I'd recommend the brand to less booby women, like you say.

    1. I completely agree. I was so heartbroken that it didn't work on me due to the lack of boob room, but I am pleased that it WILL work on countless other women who are not as busty as me. That's the story of my life!


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