Monday, 14 May 2018

Forever 21+ Swimwear 2018: Plus Size Ombre One-Piece Swimsuit

I was surprised but pleased to recently see one of the swimsuits I tried last year back on the Forever 21 website. It's one that I'd photographed but not got around to posting a review of: the Plus Size Ombre One-Piece Swimsuit.

Image courtesy of Forever 21

Isn't it pretty? I ordered it in a size 0X, which is stated as a UK 18 on the label. Personally, I don't think that's particularly accurate, and would say it's more like a UK 14-16.

I should point out that these pictures were taken in June last year, when I had just got back from my holiday to Turkey. I miss that tan!!!

This swimsuit is every bit as pretty in real life as it is online! And check out how incredible it looks with a tan - I bet it would look out of this world on a multitude of skintones.

I love how this is pretty much a basic swimsuit, but the ombre colouring makes it so so special!

So, yes, this is a bog standard run of the mill swimsuit, with a scooped front and back and high cut legs. There is no boob support and the suit is not lined.

I noticed one difference between last year's swimsuit and this year's: the latter has a fairly small palm tree motif printed on the back, whereas last year's did not. It's a subtle difference, but a difference nonetheless!

I found the swimsuit very comfortable to wear and I was very impressed with how the different colours in the ombre really popped against my tan.

I think this would be an ideal swimsuit for lazing by the pool or soaking up the sun on the beach. If you're looking for something with inbuilt support, this won't be the suit for you, but if you want a smoking hot swimsuit that's bound to turn heads this is definitely a great option.

What do you think of this swimsuit? Let me know in the comments.


  1. I have just ordered this after seeing it on you, it will be perfect for my holiday to Ibiza in August <3

    1. Have an amazing holiday - I am very envious! Hope you like the swimsuit, too :-)

  2. Omg this is such an awesome swimsuit! Do you know if it’s available on the US site? I need it in my life!!!!

    1. I think if you just click the link in the post it will take you to your local F21 site (or if not click the dropdown list at the top of the page).

  3. What a pretty swimming costume! It’s kind of like a mermaid or something. I love it! I NEED it!! Honestly woman you’re going to bankrupt me haha ;oP


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