Thursday, 18 May 2017

Forever 21+ Swimwear 2017 Round-Up Part 1

I have been a fan of Forever 21+ swimwear for several years now. I love their unique styles and designs, and the fact they offer a wide range of swimwear options for plus size women. 

Images courtesy of Forever 21

Their pieces come in sizes 0X (UK 16) to 3X (UK 22) and are very competitively priced. They are reasonable quality and are likely to last for several summer seasons if cared for properly. As a general rule of thumb, the bikini tops aren't made for large busts so if you're booby like me you will have to find a compromise somewhere if you want to wear these pieces, and they don't offer the greatest amount of support...but they are incredible and will certainly keep you looking sharp in the sun this summer.

Forever 21+ have heaps of swimwear items in stock at the moment and I wanted to share with you some of the pieces I've tried recently. I have decided the best way to do this is by writing a few round-up posts in order to cover everything off. As always, I'll include as much detail as possible and give information about sizing and fit.

It took me quite some time to decide which swimwear to post first, but in the end I knew it could really only be one set: the Plus Size Leopard Bikini Top (£16) and Bikini Bottoms (£15).

I am a huge fan of leopard print and this bikini is incredible. Ok, so the cups are small, but I feel like Betty Rubble from The Flintstones in this set!

I'm wearing 1X in both the top and bottoms. The bikini top has adjustable and removable straps (although if I removed them there would be a dreadful accident!!!) and moulded cups. I clearly could have done with larger cups but I've learnt before with F21+ swimwear that the cups come up very small (I'd say these are a C cup at the most) so I go for a good fit in the back and hope for the best! These cups squashed my boobs too much for the bikini to be a keeper but I certainly had fun wearing it to pose for these pics. 

The tie at the bust on the bikini top is a fun touch and the knotted cut-outs on the briefs just add to the jungle vibe of this set.

Speaking of the bottoms, they are great. They give good coverage and are super comfortable to wear. I wouldn't describe them as high-rise as they don't cover my belly button but they're a little higher than mid-rise.

This bikini gives me so much joy! If you're smaller busted than me I'd highly recommend it.

Next up is the Plus Size Floral One Piece (£25).

This is a really great basic swimsuit. It's plain black on the back and has good coverage, and on the front it is decorated with this gorgeous floral fabric down the centre. The square neckline makes this swimming costume more modest than some of Forever 21's other offerings, and it's ideal for anyone who wants to be a bit more covered up on the beach or at the pool.

The shoulder straps are adjustable and removable, and the bust area has moulded cups offering some support. There is good coverage across the backside area and this swimsuit isn't too high cut. Again, I'm wearing a 1X and it's true to size.

It's very different from the usual style of swimwear I go for but I like the retro vibe of this one. Unfortunately it again squashed my boobs too much for me to keep it but I was tempted.

This Plus Size Fringed One-Piece (£23) is now sold out, sadly. It's worth checking back on the Forever 21 website from time to time though in case it comes back in stock.

I loved the look of this - it's gorgeous! The design is so different and really stunning. I'm wearing a 1X here and it is spot on.

The colour of this suit is what caught my eye first of all, and then the fringing and the cut. They all combine to make an awesome swimsuit that will definitely turn heads. 

My only niggle with this particular swimsuit was the halterneck; something I struggle to wear as my heavy boobs put too much strain on my poor neck. Still, I do look back at these pics and wish I could have made it work!

Another sold-out swimsuit is this Plus Size Floral One-Piece (£29). However, they have a plain red version of this in stock here.

Unfortunately the halterneck didn't suit me and the cups were too small in this 1X but I adored the print and the cheeky peephole at the central bust area gave this suit a sexy vibe.

The peplum is really cute and a relatively unusual feature on swimwear. I like how it adds volume on the hips and accentuates the waist.

Finally for this blog post we have the Plus Size Pineapple Swim Dress (£27). How cute is this print?!

This is a VERY different style for me - usually I opt for good support but with as little coverage as possible, but this swim dress is another more modest piece.

This is a 1X and it fitted me really well with some extra room around the middle. The straps are adjustable (but not removable, phew!!) and the moulded cups provide light support. The skirt is really cute and I felt very girly in this swimsuit.

I think this would be another great choice for anyone who wants to wear a swimsuit that provides good coverage. It's comfortable and feels well made. The fun print and cute design stop it being dull or frumpy, so it's a practical piece for summer holidays.

So that's it for my first swimwear round-up. The second batch of tries will be coming soon so keep a look out for it! In the meantime, let me know your thoughts on these pieces in the comments box below. And you can find more gorgeous swimwear at Forever 21+ here.


  1. Eeeeeeeeek! I have been crossing my fingers that you would review some of these items, wooooop!!! Thank you for all the information, its so useful. Love your blog and your reviews x x

  2. These look a million times better on you than they do on the model. When will brands learn they need to use models who are the size they're selling?

  3. I love these swimwear pieces especially the pineapple dress one <3 I want to cover myself up on the beach but its no fun in hot weather. This is a great alternative as the tops of my thighs, which are the bit I hate, will be covered. I had no idea Forever 21 did swim dresses so thank you for showing me :))))

  4. Did you keep the pineapple swim dress? The bottom looks semi-transparent when dry so, I'm curious how see-through it would get when wet.

    1. I didn't keep it but it's not semi-transparent in real life. Must be a shadow from the skirt I suppose.

  5. I've never tried Forever 21 Plus swimsuits before but your post has made me very tempted! What's the sizing like?

    1. Have a look at the size chart on the website, that's the best thing to go by.

  6. Aww man your making me wanna go on holiday right NOW!!! My fav of the lot is the leopard bikini, always a sucker for animal print me. The tassel one is nice but can't help but think it would give awkward tan line's?!?!

  7. I love your blog - so much useful information and helpful reviews. Thank you!
    Will you review any Asos or Curvy Kate pieces like you did last year? I don't think these ones here would be any good for me as I need more bust support.

    1. Hopefully! Trying to publish posts on here as well as social media (which is much easier) so stay tuned :-)

  8. Oh god I NEED that tassle one in my life! Please Forever 21 bring it back!!! You look incredible btw x x x x

  9. The red tassels!!!!!! Love!

    C x

  10. The black one with the rose pattern is so cute. I had no idea Forever 21 did swimwear, nevermind cute one pieces! I don't like wearing bikinis so this would be perfect for me. Do you think there would be enough boob room for my 34H bust?

  11. would you be interested in selling the animal print suit? I'm in the us and the top is currently unavailable. i could buy it from you through paypal or ebay. feel free to email me at thanks,


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