Tuesday, 29 October 2013

F&F A/W 2013 Partywear Photoshoot and Video

A couple of months ago I was contacted by the F&F (also known as Clothing at Tesco) PR team to ask if I'd like to model for them in their top secret A/W 2013 partywear video.  Of course I jumped at the chance and before I knew it I was heading to London at the crack of dawn on the big day.  

We weren't allowed to mention what we were doing to anyone so I had to try to contain my excitement and not share it on social media.  I'm amazed that I managed to keep it quiet for so long!

When I arrived at the studio in Shoreditch I met up with the other fabulous bloggers who'd been chosen to take part in the shoot: Sarah, SherinRebecca and Annie.  

Image courtesy of F&F

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Matalan Jersey V-Neck Dress 12

I buy a lot of my clothes online.  It's not intentional - I love shopping on the high street and being able to try things on before I buy - but there is a much wider range of style available on the internet so that is where I tend to do the majority of my shopping.

However, I was recently in my local Matalan and very much enjoyed browsing the aisles and being able to touch and feel the clothes and compare sizes side by side to see what might work best for me.

Whilst in store, I tried on this Jersey V-Neck Dress in a size 12 (was £16.00, now £10.00):

Image courtesy of Matalan

Friday, 11 October 2013

BiuBiu Oia Dress 42BB/BBB

This is the last review of the items sent to me by the wonderful BiuBiu.  And, in true Curvy Wordy style, I have saved the best till last.

Today I will be telling you all about the gorgeous Oia dress.

Image courtesy of BiuBiu

Monday, 7 October 2013

Curvy Kate Lola Babydoll 32K and Thong 20

For many years, women above a G cup have had very few lingerie choices.  We've had to count ourselves lucky that lingerie brands finally clocked on to the fact that we'd like bras in colours other than just black, white and nude, and some savvy companies even gave us choices in bra style.  Yes, we're so fortunate to not just have to stick to full cup bras, but many of us can now also choose from plunges, half cups, balconettes and even multiway and strapless bras.  Lucky us!

Forgive my flippancy...but sometimes it feels like those of us with larger boobs have to be grateful for these things and not ask for more.  Don't get me wrong; I am incredibly grateful to brands such as Ewa Michalak and Bravissimo for really pushing the boundaries with bra styles in larger cups.  But what has been missing for so long are options beyond this.  We want longlines, we want bustieres, we want basques, we want bra-sized nightwear and we want babydolls.

That last 'want' in my list is one that has been addressed by several brands in the past year or so.  Plus size lingerie brand Elomi brought out the Betty babydoll, but the largest cup available was an H.  Fortunately, this has been followed in recent months by other brands bringing out their own babydolls and large cup lingerie trailblazer Curvy Kate has done just that.

Image courtesy of Curvy Kate

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Ewa Michalak SM Margot Bra 32KK/70KK and Briefs 18/46

Today I am incredibly excited to bring you what I believe to be the world's first blog review of the Ewa Michalak SM Margot!

I have written many a review of Ewa Michalak's padded bras here on my blog since I got started.  If you're a regular reader you will be very familiar with my love for her bras and how much I adore the rounded, uplifted shape they give me, along with the superb support provided by her beautiful-looking lingerie.

Being in the K-L cup range means that I have very little choice when it comes to lingerie so Ewa Michalak has been somewhat of a godsend to me.  I can't buy bras on the high street and although I occasionally find a UK branded bra that works for me more often than not there is some kind of compromise with fit.  

It was such a revelation to me when I finally discovered Ewa Michalak bras around two years ago and I could not believe the magical powers they had to transform my boobs from looking ok into show-stopping!  Surely it's impossible for boobs as large and as heavy as mine to look pert, rounded and - if I say so myself - pretty amazing?  Well, Ewa Michalak has indeed achieved the impossible and all my bra dreams came true at once as not only did I discover that she made magical bras but also ones that LOOK beautiful.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Forever 21+ Femme Polka Dot Peplum Dress 1X

At the end of August, I went shopping at Westfield Stratford and London's west end with two of my lovely friends: Hanna from The Wardrobe Challenge and Mouna from Brussels Fatshion.  We had a terrific day together and literally shopped till we dropped!

Whilst at Westfield we went to Forever 21.  This is the only branch in London with a plus size section so it's always worth a look.

I had a good look through the collection and it will probably come as no surprise to you to hear that this Forever 21+ Femme Polka Dot Peplum Dress (£14.75) caught my eye:

Image courtesy of Forever 21

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