Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Curvy Kate Daily Boost Bra

I got ever so excited a few months ago when I heard that Curvy Kate would soon have a padded bra available all the way up to a K cup – this is the stuff that my dreams are made of!

Daily Boost White Bra by Curvy Kate
Image courtesy of Curvy Kate

It's funny – before I discovered Ewa Michalak bras around a year ago I had no idea there were padded options available for larger cups. Now I am finding that UK companies are expanding their ranges to include more padded options and I must admit I am a complete convert. I find padded bras give me great shape, uplift and support and it's nice not to have to think about one's appearance on colder days, if you know what I mean! That said, I do long for a couple of unpadded lacy options for my lingerie drawer so I do give these a try whenever I find them in my size but I have yet to find one that works as well as my Ewa Michalaks.

Anyway, back to padded bras.

The Daily Boost has been available for a while now and when the lovely people at Curvy Kate were sending me the three bikinis I'd won in their competition, they were kind enough to throw in a 34K Daily Boost to road test as well.

Having never tried the Daily Boost before, I had no idea what size I would need. I've tried lots of Curvy Kate styles in the past but not yet found one that worked for me because I needed a larger cup than the Ks available. I therefore hoped that the 34K (equivalent to 32KK and 30L in the cups) might be a winner, albeit rather large in the band.

I was so excited to try this one. When it arrived I was really impressed with the quality of materials as it felt very soft to the touch and well made. The bra is mainly white but there is some beige piping which makes a nice feature and breaks up the plainness of the white fabric.

As I suspected, the 34 band proved far too big for me. Even with the bra on the tightest hooks it was still too loose, which is a real pity.  I could have done with a 32 and possibly even a 30.

The cups fitted better around the central gore section but interestingly the bra felt like it came up too high in the upper section of the cups for me and there was some gaping at the top. It was almost as if the cups were too tall for my boobs, if that makes sense.

I hope these two pics will show this issue.  Of course I appreciate it doesn't help that the wires were too wide for me and the band too big so the fault is perhaps not so much with the bra itself but with it not being available in the right size for me...

The straps are fully adjustable and I was able to get them to a good length for me. I don't think they will readjust themselves, as some bras have a tendency to do.

As with all the Curvy Kate bras I have tried so far, the wires were too wide for my up front breasts and I was left with empty spaces at the sides of the cups. The cups also gave me rather an odd shape because the apex of the cups was not where I needed it to be and the cups were too shallow.

I was so disappointed that this bra did not work for me. However, I think it is a really great padded option and the fact it comes in nude as well as white means that it's one which can be worn as an everyday bra and will fit with most outfits perfectly. If you're a fan of Curvy Kate bras then I would recommend this one as an alternative to your unpadded lingerie.

I do hope Curvy Kate will continue to expand their padded and unpadded options and that one day in the future I will find one that suits me as I love the superb quality of their lingerie.


  1. All bras do that gapey thing at the side on me, I haven't found one that doesn't yet :( fab review as always honey xx

    1. Thanks lovely - so nice to see you on here :-) Hmm a well fitted bra shouldn't do that. Hopefully we can get you sorted at Plus North! xxx

  2. I'm really bummed that this didn't work better for you being that I keep hoping someone with similar breasts to my own will say that this works. ;)

    I wonder if a 32K would have any chance of fitting you being that you do have a bit of space on top? Although then you might run into the issue of not enough depth.

    Although, I keep wondering if I can get it away with it because my breasts are a bit softer so they'd mold to the cups? I don't know, I need to stop obsessing about it. :)

    1. Aww I'm really bummed about it too. I think even in a 32K I would still get that funny breast shape you can see in pic 2, just like I get with the other CKs I've tried. I'm pretty certain it's because these bras were not made for my breast shape (and possibly size?!). The 32K would definitely be too small and shallow. Such a great bra though - if only wide wires and shallow cups were what suited me!

    2. Yep, I know how you feel!! I have two perfectly good CK bras in my drawer with too wide wires and too shallow cups. I'm still trying a 28JJ in the hopes that I might be able to pull that off, we'll see.

      It's funny, though, because even though my Thrill Me is too small in the cups the shape works SO much better. Wish like crazy that they'd start carrying those in higher cup sizes too but I'm about to cave and buy one in 30J and just alter it down.

    3. I agree - if ONLY they made the Showgirls in bigger cup sizes across the bands :-(

  3. This bra was an epic failure for me as well. It's doesn't matter if you have the correct size or not because I did and I got that same profile you did. The top panel flattens down the top of the breast giving it a very weird shape. They should have rounded off that top panel because the molding is to hard for any breast to change the shape. When I put a shirt on it looked even flatter. It was probably one of my biggest bra dissappointments this year because I was looking so forward to this bra. Also it was the most comfortable CK bra I tried. The material was so soft and lovely on my skin. :(


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