Monday, 27 February 2012

The amazing Anna Scholz

I am a very lucky girl.  Over the past few weeks I have got to meet some fabulous people and gone on some terrific adventures, all thanks to my lil' ol' blog.  Who'd have thought it.

One of my favourite adventures is the day I went to Anna Scholz's studio in London and tried on lots of her lovely designs.  It was all down to the Plus London Two organisers - huge thanks to them for organising this - who arranged for us to go to Anna's studio on the afternoon of the main meet, which was held in the evening.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Bangers for Breakfast? Gok Wan for Simply Yours shapewear press launch

Several weeks ago, I had a wonderful surprise thanks to my lovely blogging friends Georgina and Cheryl: an invite to the press launch of Gok Wan's spring/summer 2012 shapewear for Simply Yours.  They had both been kind enough to pass my details on to the PR company organising the event (Chase PR) so one morning I got up VERY early and headed off on a train to London Victoria.

I met up with Georgina and fellow bloggers Becky and Laura at the station and the four of us travelled in style in a black cab to the W Hotel in Leicester Square.  We were met in the 'E Wow Suite' by the gorgeous Sheena from the PR company, who welcomed us and organised some much needed hot/cold drinks for us.  We then met up with many other bloggers and enjoyed our sumptuous surroundings, which included fibre-optic curtains and a revolving sofa!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Wonderful Wallis at BHS

I don't often go on shopping sprees in real shops.  When I buy clothes, it's usually on the internet as my previous experiences of trying on endless items that don't fit properly in hot, cramped changing rooms are not my idea of fun.  However, I recently took a trip to town and had a fab time in the wonderful BHS.

For those of you who don't know, BHS, which stands for British Home Stores, is a reasonably small scale department store but it mainly concentrates on clothing for women, men and children.
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