Sunday, 29 January 2012

Curvy Kate Portia in black

In my bid to find a Curvy Kate style that suits me, I have already tried the Princess and the Emily, as well as the Showgirls (Tease Me, Tempt Me, Thrill Me).

The last Curvy Kate style I tried was the Portia:

Image courtesy of Curvy Kate

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Curvy Kate Princess in Wine and in Black

If you've been reading my blog recently, you'll be aware of my efforts to find my true Curvy Kate bra size.  So far, I have discovered that the Showgirl range (including the Tease Me, Tempt Me and Thrill Me) do not come in a large enough cup for me.  I have also found out that the Emily is not right in the sizes I tried.

My next try was the Princess which I went for in Wine and in Black.

Images courtesy of Curvy Kate

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Curvy Kate Emily in black and grape/black

I recently had my first foray into the world of Curvy Kate bras when I tried their Showgirl styles.  These bras were beautifully made, incredibly sexy and elegant...but sadly too small in the cup for me.  Ever the resolute soul, I decided to try some of their standard range to see if they fitted me better.

First up is the Emily.

Images courtesy of Curvy Kate

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Ewa Michalak CH Perelka

I already own the Ewa Michalak PL Perelka and love the fact it's a new, very feminine take on the nude bra so when I saw it was available in the CH (halfcup) style, I was keen to try it out.

I had already added the PL Violet to my shopping basket on the Dopasowana website so it made sense to throw the CH Perelka in there as well as I'd be paying 27 zlotys for postage regardless of the size of my order.

Padded Bra Pearl Beige CH Ewa Michalak
Image courtesy of Ewa Michalak

Monday, 9 January 2012

Curvy Kate Thrill Me Grape Jade

My final set as part of my prize for winning the Curvy Kate 'Name the Bra' competition was the Thrill Me in grape/jade.

Curvy Kate Showgirl Thrill Me Bra Grape/Jade
Image courtesy of Curvy Kate

Curvy Kate Tempt Me Black Gold

As I explained in my previous post, I was fortunate enough to win three Curvy Kate lingerie sets of my choice for providing the inspiration for the name of Curvy Kate's new bra, 'Smoothie'.  I thought long and hard about what to go for and in the end could not resist the lure of the gorgeous Showgirl collection.

The second set I tried was the Tempt Me in black/gold.

Image courtesy of Curvy Kate

Curvy Kate Tease Me Black/Wine

A little while ago, Curvy Kate ran a competition on their Facebook page to name their new bra.  It's a smooth moulded bra and will be available (in selected band sizes) up to a J cup.  Up until this point, I knew very little about Curvy Kate and had only once tried on one of their bras a years or so ago and had unfortunately ordered the wrong size so they weren't a brand particularly on my radar.

However, when I heard about this bra competition I put on my thinking cap.  I knew some of Curvy Kate's bras were called 'Tease Me', 'Thrill Me' and so I decided to enter the suggestion of 'Smooth Me' into the competition.  I hadn't realised at the time that the 'Tease Me' etc bras were all part of a range called 'Showgirls' - bras for 'special occasions' that had some extra va-va-voom to make the wearer feel very special and sexy - and therefore my suggestion of 'Smooth Me' would perhaps not be appropriate as the new bra was not a Showgirl style.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

My quest for a sleep bra: Triumph Doreen

Having already exhausted many of the non-wired bra options in my size, the one I really wanted to try was the Triumph Doreen.  It's a classic bra which is often associated with older ladies but I have long wondered if it would be comfortable and supportive enough for my large breasts as a sleep/house bra.

Image courtesy of Simply Be

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Comexim Laura Bra

When placing my order with Dopasowana, my eye was caught by some of the very pretty bras made by a Polish company called Comexim.  I had been sent a sample by their sales department some months ago but it came up very small on me so I sadly sent it back.  I was advised that their bras did not go any bigger - yet I chose to conveniently forget this fact when I added two Comexim bras to my Dopasowana basket.

The first Comexim bra I chose was the Laura.

Laura soft bra beige Comexim
Image courtesy of Comexim

Ewa Michalak PL Violet


Over the Christmas break I clearly had too much time on my hands as I went on an internet search for Ewa Michalak bras.  I was fortunate enough to find a Polish website called Dopasowana and spent some time searching their listings.

I could not believe my luck when I spied a PL Violet.  I had seen it on Ewa Michalak's Facebook page some months ago and hoped they would put it into mass-production (as much as they mass-produce any of their styles...) but sadly it seems to be one they made samples of but did not take any further.  I was beside myself with excitement when I saw they had a 34/75HH available and immediately added it to my basket.

EDIT: Ewa has said that this bra will be available on the website soon!  Yay!!

Padded bra plunge EN Violet Eva Michalak
Image courtesy of Ewa Michalak

Friday, 6 January 2012

My quest for a sleep bra: Emma Jane Maternity Bra

Regular readers of my blog will know about my ongoing mission to find a bra which is comfortable and supportive to wear at night and around the house.  It's not an easy task as I need bras with deep but fairly narrow cups and this is very hard to find in wired bras, let alone non-wired ones.

The latest bra I tried is the Emma Jane maternity bra 430 in 34K.  I bought it from eBay here.  It's worth noting that this particular style is no longer available on the Emma Jane site so I guess it's a discontinued style but there are various similar bras on offer instead.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Ewa Michalak PL Malachit

My favourite colour of all time has to be teal/petrol/dark turquoise...however it's described I'm sure you know the colour I mean.  That wonderful combination of green and blue which looks good on anyone but I'm told particularly suits me with my blonde hair and blue eyes.  I have items of clothing in quite possibly every shade, hint and hue, and have even been known to dye items so that they are transformed into a wonder of teal.  *Sigh* I love it so.

I never imagined that I would be able to buy a bra in teal.  I have often seen teal bras available on the high street or very occasionally online in my size...only to find the fit isn't right somehow.

You can imagine my excitement and disbelief when Ewa Michalak announced that they would be adding a teal bra to their new collection - and, not only that, but it would be available in the PL (plunge) style!

And so the PL Malachit was added to the site.

PL Malachit
Image courtesy of Ewa Michalak

Ewa Michalak HP Nina

In case you hadn't already realised, I have a serious addiction to Ewa Michalak bras.  I adore their quality, style, design and price.  They make me feel amazing with the shape and uplift they give me.  I therefore could not resist placing an order for an HP Nina when this new design was added to the site before Christmas.

HP Nina
Image courtesy of Ewa Michalak

Monday, 2 January 2012

Kris Line Jasmine Bra

When ordering the Kris Line Queen Body from Brastop recently, I decided to see what other offerings they had from the brand on their site.

As Kris Line is a Polish brand, I was hoping that they would manufacture to the same quality and standard of fit as my favourite Ewa Michalak.  My reason for looking elsewhere is that Ewa Michalak do not do unpadded bras in my size range and it would be great to have a lacy number or two on hand for appropriate occasions.

I happened upon the Kris Line Jasmine bra and was bewitched by its beautiful colour and design.

Image courtesy of Brastop

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Kris Line Queen Body

One thing I am lacking in my lingerie drawer is a 'body'; an all-in-one garment that is sexy, supportive and practical.  You can safely assume that if Ewa Michalak sold such a thing, I would have one in every colour and design by now...but sadly they don't (HINT!).

One of my friends recently posted on Facebook that Brastop had a Kris Line body available at a bargain price so I took a look at the site.  I was interested to discover that, like Ewa Michalak, they are a Polish brand and I was keen to discover if another company could get lingerie design and manufacture equally as spot on.

I had never tried Kris Line before so was unsure as to how their items would fit me but I ordered the Kris Line Queen Body in ivory in 36HH (which was the largest cup size available)...

Image courtesy of Brastop

My quest for a sleep bra: Panache Sophie Support Bra

I have written before about my ongoing search for a 'sleep' bra - a bra I can wear in bed to support my heavy breasts.  It'd also be something I could wear around the house for support and comfort.

I recently read this excellent blog review of the Panache Sophie Support bra and was so impressed that I jumped onto eBay and bought one to try for myself.

Image courtesy of Panache

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